Trump Invades New Found Land

I don’t know if you have read the latest news on Wall Street but the debt ceiling is about to come up again and it looks like the same old story, the states has to raid the ceiling to get more cash. Trump has put in a new plan to raise cash and it is all over the internet, Trump invades New Found Land.

Trump is going to need a ton of cash so he has decided to pile thousands of armed troops into the transports and head to the middle east. He hasn’t got any cash for the gas to get there so he has to stop by Newfoundland in Canada on the way and do a quick invade to capture some Codfish and raid the ocean oil fields to tank up the freighters.

Who said this guy is stupid. Some Nazi running around Quebec bothering the Muslims seems to think he is a great guy and wants to jump on the ship and head off to Afghanistan to fight the mighty terrorists who live in the caves of the Pakistan mountains. Yup these guys are a real threat and I shake every morning when I wake up thinking one of them might have hitch hiked over here to BC to blow up my car.

Thousands of Americans pouring into the mountains and borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan are really going to cure the problem of an American born Jihad maniac wanting to blow up his local MacDonald’s Fast Food joint. I am glad Trudeau has a little more oxygen left in his brain cells that Trump does and has decided not to jump on the Trump Train.

I always thought the problem was over in Iraq with the rise of the ISIS but hey, what do I know. I haven’t heard of anybody running around in Afghanistan causing the kind of havoc that the chosen ones over in the new Muslim Kingdom do, have you. The people in Afghanistan don’t really live like the rest of the world do but hey, who are we to judge!

It seems to me after a lot of investigation that the crimes of the Taliban were the way they treated their women. In America a woman basically has the right to do anything she wants short of a serious crime of course. The Taliban treat women nothing short of an animal so I wanted to find out why. This treatment of women comes from the Taliban’s unofficial policy of populating the country by means of a wholly male population, with the hopes of creating a country populated by radical and fanatical Islamists , which inturn would be a threat to world peace.

But did you know that this mountainous, remote, barren and rocky country might hold another reason that Trump want’s it besides the protection of it’s woman. There could however, be other reasons as to why Western powers hold so much interest in the country.

Afghanistan’s arid and mountainous topography has rich natural resources of gold, silver, copper, zinc, uranium, lead, iron and precious and semi-precious stones, not to mention it’s as yet massive, untapped natural gas and petroleum reserves.

Trump is eyeing this as an opportunity to stuff the American Bank Account with Trillions of Dollars and pay off that giant credit card that soon will need a payment.

One thing for sure, the Codfish and the Lobsters will be running for the hills when the steamships of the American War Machine steam on by, stuffed with hungry Americans looking for their next meal.


Does Consciousness Move on After Death?

So I have been reading a little about all this Quantum physics going on. I don’t know how all these people all got so smart all of a sudden. I mean even a couple of hundred years back we didn’t even know how to read and write and here we are today, heading into the Universe on  a Silver Star Ship.

It seems that Consciousness rules the Universe. Everything you feel, see and touch was made by it. Apparently it has always been here and is within every material creature. Even a rock lying on the ground has it. The Universe was a vast void and consciousness willed it into being.

This science sounds a lot like the books written of creation doesn’t it. A God created the heavens and earth and all the creatures and plants and you and me. Science now thinks through Quantum theory that consciousness does indeed control us and is inside of us and is still there after death.


This sounds much like the prophets have been telling us for years. Life after death. Studies have been done and it also has been shown through modern telescopes and movements of the Stars and Galaxies and black holes and space in general that there might be multiple universes. There could be infinite universes. There could be no end to your consciousness. When you die it just might be there is no heaven or hell just a quiet return to the infinite universe of consciousness.

It still remains the biggest mystery of life doesn’t it. Scientists can theorize and Prophets can preach but when it comes right down to it no one really knows until it happens to them.

One thing we can all be assured of and this is a fact no one can disprove. We are all in the same big boat. From the smallest microbe to the largest Star, we are all from and are part of this God. It is inside everything, it has been proven by Science.

If your life is a little lost or out of control or your not quite the same as something else do not fret. You are just consciousness floating and moving and crashing and flowing through time and space forever. You are growing and learning and expanding and gathering forever until you bloom into the perfect being.



So how do I grow my own Pot

Next year which is coming fast is going to bring a whole new life experience to Canadians. There is going to be legal pot. Yes, just like down in the USA in certain states pot is going to be legal. Nobody really knows how much it is going to cost but every Canadian will be allowed to grow there own Pot legally. So how do I grow my own Pot.

Well this is your lucky day because here at Zoomers News you are going to learn how to grow the best Pot on the Planet because this site is home of the Baby Boomers, the ones that made smoking pot a whole new culture. Yup, from hippies to herbal remedies, everyone was smoking, chewing, and making tasty cookies out of the good old Marijuana plant.

So one thing we know and that is how do I grown my own Pot.

the main thing you need to grow pot is a light. Not just any light either, you need a 1000 watt Bulb. Don’t use anything less. Back in the day we used to use the Metal Halide and Sodium Bulbs for growing Pot. These lights used to cost around 400 dollars a pop. The most expensive part of the Grow your own Pot at Home culture.

Nowadays there is a whole new technology in lighting and that is called Led lighting. These lights couldn’t grow much a couple of years ago but recently they have come a long way and are now spitting out 1000 watts of full spectrum lighting.  Check out what these new lights can do.

  • High efficiency optimized for PAR, extremely sufficient lights spectrum, super light penetration
  • Plants grow faster and flower bigger – Enhanced spectral output covering full PAR (400-730nm) promotes;
  • Powerful cooling fan system inside, cool and quieter; Photosynthesis for growth & blooming
  • All LEDs with a Zener to ensure one LED does not work the rest can continue to operate
  • More than 50000 hours long life span, energy saving and environmental protection

Another thing about these lights is they do not put out a lot of heat and they do not use a lot of electricity like the Metal Halides and Sodiums do. Don’t buy one of these lights from the States because they are expensive down there. You can get one up here in Canada for less that 200 bucks and they are on sale some days for half that cost.


Ok now you have your light. There are many different ways to grow Pot. Hydroponics, the small pot method, the table top method, the closet method. Indoor, Outdoor and bunkers have all been tried and all have been much like the moonshiners, hiding out in the hills, growing their pot. Ok, Now that pot is legal to grow, or will be shortly I want to show you all the different ways you can grow it.  How to Grow Pot


This is a great site down in the states that teaches you everything you will ever need to know about Pot. Their stuff is a little expensive but the E-Book they got and their Website is priceless when it comes to growing and nurturing your own private little grow-op. Hey if it’s going to be legal and you like smoking pot why not grow it yourself.


Growing your own Pot is simple these days. All you need is the right light and now you know where to get the one you need cheap. Don’t go to hydroponic stores they will only charge you triple for the same thing. You don’t need much once you bought your light. A good way to grow your pot simply and cheap with no fuss or muss is to simply use some small black plastic pots.

Buy Seeds

Buy about six of them, I think that is the legal amount of pot you are allowed to grow. It might be less or more because they haven’t finalized the laws yet.

So now you got your pots for around ten bucks or so you just need your median to put in the pots to grow you plants.

Get a bag of hydroponic porous rocks, you know those small light rocks with holes in them. Sprinkle them in your pots about 2 or 3 inches high. Get a bag of per lite and vermiculite and mix them up. Fill up your Pots with the mixture.

Hang the light from the ceiling. Build an enclosure out of reflective material, anything white is good. Usually for one light a 6 by 6 mini closet is good. On the floor build a mini picnic table  type structure out of boards so the plants are off the floor. Put 2 plants of first level 2 on the top and 2 plants on the other side. You are ready to grow.

When you are ready to plant your seedlings which you can grow in a different area from seeds you can get on the internet just pour your plant food and water mixture into the pots to moisten them up and then put your plants in the pots and fire up the light. That’s it.

The only other thing you’ll need is a timer. You set the timer for 18 hours a day. This is grow. When the plants are about a foot to 2 feet high you switch the timer to 12 hours a day. Voila, buds will start to grow.

Make sure you have a fan going 24 hours a day on the plants. And an exhaust fan pumping out the air to an outside area. This keeps the plants healthy and oxygenated.

If you know someone who has clones you can use them but you have to worry about viruses and such being transmitted. If you can order some good seeds from a reliable dealer then you usually will have a safe grow room that is free from any kind of sickness. Make sure you use hydroponic food and not regular plant food like miracle grow and such.

Cloning your plants.  Once you have your first crop you can now make your own clones and won’t have to buy seeds again. It’s simple to do. Just snip off any leaf on the plant about two inches long. Scrape the stem, stick it into root powder and put it in a grow pod. You can get an old fish tank from your local thrift store and just buy a regular two foot plant light. Stick your pods on the bottom of the tank and flick on the light. A couple weeks later you will have clones ready to plant for your next crop.


It takes years to learn how to Grow your own Pot unless you get good advice from a hardened hippie here at Zoomers News. Just follow the easy directions and you will have free pot for the rest of your life.

Stay high




Business for Retiring Baby Boomers

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Learn how to Train your Dog

The worst thing in the World is to have a dog that is driving you crazy! He’s barking too much. He’s chasing the mailman. He’s chewing up the furniture. Yikes! Learn how to Train your Dog.

“Once you know your dog and communicate with him and understand his responses it is then easy to take the right steps to alleviate any aggressive or bad behaviour. The Dog Training Tutor helps both owner and dog to learn.”

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My dog can sometimes be aggressive with other male dogs and after reading The Dog Training Tutor and the chapter on aggessive behaviour I have begun to understand my dog. I now look for the signs when he meets another dog and can therefore react accordingly. It is a question of understanding you dog’s language – the way he communicates and also very importantly how you communicate with your dog. It may be eye contact, it may be your calm approach. It may be a verbal command or physical gesture or it could be all of these.

Once you know your dog and communicate with him and understand his responses it is then easy to take the right steps to alleviate any aggressive or bad behaviour. The Dog Training Tutor helps both owner and dog to learn. It has certainly helped me and my dog. It has changed our relationship and we are both more confident and happy and walkies are now a joy and not a hassle.

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Is there a cure for Arthritis

This question is being asked more and more every day as the Baby Boomers Age and the arthritis is starting to kick in. A lot of Baby Boomers are asking the question, Is there a cure for Arthritis? I am asking this question myself because I now have arthritis in my right big toe and it is not any fun and hurts like hell.

They did some studies and you can forget the copper bracelets and the approach that magnets relieve the symptons and pain of your arthritis, it just ain’t so. It looks like home remedies and natural pain killers probably don’t do you a lot of good also. There is the chemical pain killers you can get from the drugstore or your Doctor but I don’t think their too good for your liver.
So what can you do? Not much aside from joint operations and strong drugs. The only other approach that might help is to try and introduce anti-inflammatory foods into your diet to break the the calcium build ups and maybe trying some foot and toe support relief to alleviate some of the pain.

For me, the pain in my Foot gets worst when I go for long walks and at night sometimes when I am trying to sleep and the pain kicks in and starts throbbing. I don’t like the idea of eating a lot of pain killers unless they are of a natural origin. At least this approach might save your other organs and keep things from getting worse as we age.


Living With ArthritusI think the only answer is to try to understand what is going on with arthritis and what is causing it and how to prevent and control it.
I came across a cool little device to alleviate night time pain of arthritis in your toe at night when your sleep. This might be a good way to keep your toes straight and from cramping when you are trying to get some sleep at night. I have noticed that after a long walk your toes can become sore and cramped and these little support braces go a long way in helping circulation in your feet.

I am sure that in the future a cure for Arthritis will be found and a couple of pills will cure it and the pain will go away. Until then we will be relying on Pain Killers and operations which in my opinion are the worst thing to do to your body.

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases that can be crippling to the body.
If you suspect you have arthritis then there are many things you should know about the disease and how you can have control.

Anti inflammatory Diet: Your Guided Journey to a Pain Free Life (cook book, pain free, pain relief, healthy life, Alleviating Pain, Gout, arthritus, restoring health,immune system, weight loss)

Arthritis can take over your life.
You might be in a ton of pain everyday and it may be unbearable.
Is your daily life no longer productive because you suffer from a lot of pain?

Are you unable to maintain the normal life anymore? Are your joints so tender to the touch that you can barely move?
Are you fatigued? You might be suffering from arthritis.

Arthritis can come in many different forms and you should find out which type you have so you can begin living a better life.

Natural way to alleviate Pet Suffering

Breaking News at Zoomers News

Friend. Companion. Confidant. Partner. Your pets play so many valued roles in your life.

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How does Canna-Pet accomplish this mission? By delivering high-quality, life-enriching, all-organic nutritional pet products that provide cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids derived from enriched oil extracts of cannabis (in its industrial hemp form). Our complete cannabinoid and terpene products are the first and only whole-plant hemp extracts that are designed for pets – from the ground up. And the groundbreaking and ever-innovating Canna-Pet laboratories are the only facilities of their kind in the world.



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BC is Burning What happens to the Wildlife

BC is Burning What happens to the Wildlife

I quess you have all read and saw on every news channel and paper that BC is on fire. There are people losing their homes. There are small towns that could go up in smoke. There are people becoming homeless by the hour as the fires rage on.

Did you ever stop and wonder what happens to all the Wildlife in raging forest fires. BC is home to thousands of different species of wildlife from birds to bears that all live in the vast forests of BC.

Will they get burnt up. Where will they go. Will they have homes to return to? Just like the human populations of BC the wildlife is currently losing their homes to. So what is next for them.

Here is an interesting feature by National Geographic on what happens to wildlife when they lose their home in a forest fire.

View Images

A cow walks by flames from the Rim fire near the Yosemite National Park border in Groveland, California, on August 24, 2013.


Wildfires are raging across the U.S. Pacific Northwest, wreaking havoc on human lives and forcing evacuations from homes. But for some wildlife species that have evolved to live with fire, the scenario is not so dire.

Many animals and other organisms have evolved to cope with—and even thrive in the wake of—the flames.

Summer heat, dry air, strong winds, and thousands of lightning strikes have ignited and spread at least 21 separate fires for about a week, burning almost a million acres. Oregon and Washington declared states of emergency last week. (See “Wildfires Intensify in Pacific Northwest as Winds Rise.”)

But “wildlife have a long-standing relationship with fire” in these regions, says ecosystem ecologist Mazeika Sullivan of Ohio State University, Columbus. “Fire is a natural part of these landscapes.”

For instance, some predators see the fleeing species as an opportunity for snacking. Bears, raccoons, and raptors, for instance, have been seen hunting animals trying to escape the flames. (Read “Under Fire” in National Geographic magazine.)

What’s more, when the flames begin, animals don’t just sit there and wait to be overcome. Birds will fly away. Mammals will run. Amphibians and other small creatures will burrow into the ground, hide out in logs, or take cover under rocks. And other animals, including large ones like elk, will take refuge in streams and lakes.

Gabriel d’Eustachio, a bush firefighter in Australia, says he doesn’t usually see many animals in fires, although a flaming bunny once surprised him. But he has spotted plenty of invertebrates preceding the flames. “You get overrun by this wave of creepy-crawlies walking ahead of the fire,” he says. (See video: “Fighting Wildfires.”)

“In those short-term situations,” says Sullivan, “there’s always winners and losers.”

Danger and Death

Some animals die in the smoke and fire—those that can’t run fast enough or find enough shelter. Not all of those creepy-crawlies that d’Eustachio sees, for instance, may escape.

Young and small animals are particularly at risk in a wildfire. And some of their strategies for escape might not work—a koala’s natural instinct to crawl up into a tree, for example, may leave it trapped. (See “Koala Rescued From Australia Fires.”)

Heat can kill too—even organisms buried deep in the ground, such as fungi. Jane Smith, a mycologist with the U.S. Forest Service in Corvallis, Oregon, has measured temperatures as high as 1,292 degrees Fahrenheit (700 degrees Celsius) beneath logs burning in a wildfire, and 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius) a full two inches (five centimeters) below the surface.

Scientists don’t have any good estimates on the number of animals that die in wildfires each year. But there are no documented cases of fires—even the really severe ones—wiping out entire populations or species.

View Images

A coyote walks across U.S. Highway 120, shut down due to the Rim fire near Groveland, California, on August 23, 2013.


Second Act

As anyone who’s ever experienced a house fire knows, the effects don’t end when the flames are put out. The same is true for landscapes burned in a wildfire.

“People look at burned areas and think they’re dead. They’re not dead. They’ve just changed,” says Patricia Kennedy, a wildlife biologist at Oregon State University in Union. “It’s a whole new habitat.”

Which can also mean new opportunities. In some places, for example, woodpeckers will fly in and feast on bark beetles in dead and dying trees. “They gorge on these invertebrates,” Kennedy says, then leave when the beetles are gone.

Change Agents

Wild areas like forests and prairies naturally grow and change in composition over time. A year-old forest will have a different set of plants and animals living in it than a forest that’s 40 years old. A disturbance like a wildfire can serve as a sort of reset button, letting an old forest be born again, says Kennedy. And “a lot of species require that reset.” (See National Geographic’s wildfire pictures.)

Exactly what happens after a fire occurs depends on the landscape, the severity of the fire, and the species involved. But the event always sparks a succession of changes as plants, microbes, fungi, and other organisms recolonize the burned land. As trees and plants age, light and other features change—and the composition of creatures in the area changes in response.

Streams and other water bodies that flow through a burned area can also change. Water flow, turbidity, chemistry, and structure can be altered. Fish may temporarily move away. And there can be short-term die-offs among aquatic invertebrates, which can affect animals on land.

“The water and the land,” says Sullivan, “are highly connected.”

Let It Burn?

Many species actually require fire as a part of their life history. Heat from the flames can stimulate some fungi, like morel mushrooms, to release spores. Certain plants will seed only after a blaze. Without fire, those organisms can’t reproduce—and anything that depends on them will be affected.

Over the past century in the United States, the natural progression of wildfires has often been suppressed. Fire prevention has been promoted, and those fires that sparked were quickly put out before they could spread.

That’s led to fewer of the types of trees and other plants that grow only in the years after a fire. It’s also caused declines in some animal species that depend on that young, post-fire habitat. “We’ve thrown the ecosystem so far out of whack with a hundred years of fire suppression,” Smith says. (See “Opinion: Don’t Log Burned Forests—Let Nature Heal Them.”)

Fire suppression has even contributed to the decline of species now listed as endangered, Kennedy notes. The Kirtland’s warbler is one example. These small songbirds from Michigan nest only in young jack pine forests. But the pines’ cones only release their seeds in a fire. So without fire, much of the birds’ nesting habitat has been eliminated.

As Kennedy says, fire is a bad thing when it happens in your backyard. But it can be a healthy event for a forest—and for at least some of the animals that live there.