Man captures Alien Landing live with his Cell Phone Camera

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Here’s an interesting story about a man captures alien landing live with his cell phone camera. Hey we all know pictures don’t lie. I mean cell phone cameras are capturing everything from bank heists to sea monsters. So why not aliens.

This guy was out for a stroll and lo and behold a ufo landed right in front of him. Of course he had his cell phone with him. You don’t leave your house these days without your cell phone do you. Anyways he whips out his phone and starts taking this amazing video. You gotta a take a look at what this guy caught on film.

Aliens among us

Many of us think that aliens have been here for centuries. I mean really, they even have a show called ancient aliens, This show is one of my favorites by the way. Some of the stories are kinda believable. It makes a lot of sense to think that in the past we were visited. Look at the technology that exists today. Just a few hundred years ago we were living in the dark ages.

Take a look at this video and decide for yourself if this guy is faking it or maybe it is a real live ufo landing. Who knows what kind of beings could be visiting us from the stars. Just take one look out there. Gotta be some kind of life somewhere don’t ya think. Maybe it’s just me but I swear every time I walk down the street it seems like there are strange life forms everywhere.

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