Human extinction by 2050 due to Climate Change

Human extinction by 2050 due to Climate Change

New evidence is out. Human extinction by 2050 due to climate change. Yes folks that is the new call. Carbon keeps getting pumped into our skies. Every year the storms are getting worse. Hurricanes, Tornado’s and rain. Lot’s and lot’s of rain and then some areas no rain.

Drought conditions are happening all over the world. Other areas are getting flooded out. Snow storms in Alberta during spring is kinda weird. Hail stones and snow in southern B.C. during spring is kinda weird. As a matter of fact the weather is getting more weird all over the planet. It just could get a whole lot worse fast.

Fact and Fiction

There is much fact and a lot of fiction surrounding climate change. What is really happening. You are going to find out the latest on climate and it is not good. Our planet is heating up. The oceans are getting hotter. Storms coming off these hot oceans are getting bigger. Maybe it’s too late to fix it. Big oil sure doesn’t want to shut down.

Let’s face it. Lot’s and lot’s of new ways to get energy without wrecking the planet are available. Oil is not going to shut down it’s wells. Magnetic energy, Sun energy, Wind and Nuclear would take a big lift off the shoulders. Will they expand with this, I doubt it. It’s all about the money isn’t it.