Retire Cheap in a Tiny Home Tree House

Retire Cheap in a Tiny Home Tree House

Well were getting near retirement or maybe already retired. Too darn old for work and too young for the old cracks home. Broke? Why not retire cheap in a tiny home tree house. All you need is a bit of wood, a forest, and of course some greens to much on.

It’s that easy and you can live anywhere where there is a forest. Countries, states and provinces across the world all have large forests full of nice tall trees to build your cozy little nest in. Hey, birds do it so why not you. If you have never built anything in your life you might have to take a few lessons.

Living off the Grid

You ever get the yearning to just put on a pack sack and head off into the wilderness. Kinda scary thinking about it. What about bugs, bats and bears they will all be out to get ya. Maybe you got a little homestead plot somewhere of bought some off the grid land. Instead of building a house why not a tree house. Live above it all.

You don’t have to worry about floods that’s for sure. A thief might have a hard time climbing up that tree to break into your house. Your view would be cool. Wasn’t it Tarzan who was living in the trees? Anyways check out this great video about the guy who is retiring in a tree house. What next.