Install your own Solar Panels on your RV

Install your own Solar Panels on your RV

Thinking about heading out to Arizona this winter? Want to get away from that ice and snow. Tired of dishing out all that cash for electricity. Why not install your own solar panels on your rv or camper. Learn the ins and outs and the right way to do it in this great video. Save money.

You can get some good deals on a solar panel kit these days on ebay or the amazon. Why pay big bucks when you can get one of these kits and do it yourself. Watch this great video on how to stick them babies right on your roof. How to hook up that wiring the right way. Learn the simple and easy way on how to wire the controller.

Check out this video if you are thinking or maybe already decided to install your own solar system in your home away from home. Power from the sun is free and down in the southern states there is a whole lot of sunshine. Why not do the environment and your wallet a ton of good. Use that sunshine to power your tv, charge those batteries, run those leds and lot’s more.

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