Trump is losing Millions because of the Federal Reserve

Trump is losing Millions because of the Federal Reserve

Well the Fed has finally done it. It seems like Donald Trump and other super rich Americans are losing millions. Trump is losing millions because of the Federal Reserve and it’s interest rate hike policy. Tightening of the money supply is starting to take it’s toll.

Real Estate is teetering on the brink once again. Stock market volatility is also on the brink of a correction. What does all this mean for the nations millionaires? Less money in their fortunes. Wasn’t it super billionaire Buffet who lost a big chunk of his fortune a few months ago when the market tanked.

Trumps Turn

Now it seems like it might be Trumps turn to lose a considerable chunk of his fortune in the Real Estate market. With interest rates on the rise the president’s real estate empire is starting to crack. A big part of this empire is financed after all and when these loans renew the King of Condo is about to feel the pain.

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Like any super rich guy a hike in interest rates can hurt. Let’s face it they are making their fortunes in the stock markets and real estate, What happens you you take away the free cash. Well they gotta use their own. There is only one problem. These guys don’t want to use their own money.

One per center’s use to be the countries bad bikers, now it’s the nations rich. Rich people know how to keep their cash. One thing is certain when the river of free money river is damed up their fortunes will wane. This phenomena is starting to be felt from the super rich and Trump is starting to feel it to. Look out world there could be trouble ahead.