China and Russia preparing for War

Is it just my imagination or is China and Russia preparing for War. The build up of new Russian and Chinese military might is accelerating. More and more new technology into advanced weapon systems is happening everyday. Missiles capable of unlimited distance and pin point accuracy are coming online.

Fast and furious is the pace of the Russian and Chinese advancement. Trump and his buddies are at a loss off what to do. Of course they have Russian surrounded with Nato forces but there strength is getting weaker by the day. Chinese and Russian forces in the meantime are getting stronger everyday.

Russian feels Threatened

Russia is getting a little uneasy by Nato forces being built up around it’s border. You can’t really blame them. Wouldn’t you feel the same way if Chinese or Russian forces were being built up around your country. One problem is you don’t want to stir up a war with the Russians.

Russia is surrounded by enemies of the U.S. What do you think might happen if war did break out between these Super Powers. Well for one thing you would have every enemy of the United States jumping in to join the battle. Iran for example is not a big fan of Trump. I am sure a lot more countries would rather be teamed up with China and Russia than the Americans.

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