Get a Free Silver Bar just for taking the Survey

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Hey it’s Brent here from Zoomers News and I got some free silver for you. Who doesn’t like free stuff aye. Especially gold and silver. Get a free silver bar just for taking the survey. It’s a new company called QuickSilver. They are giving away free silver bars just for taking a look at their exciting new home business selling silver coins.

Not just any silver coins either, only legal tender silver coins from the most prestigious mints from around the world. Free Silver and you can get your own home business. What a deal. Let’s face it as you get older you are always looking for more income in your retirement. Especially these days with inflation and economic turmoil. Trade wars and war drums. It is a good time to start getting into silver.

Free Silver Bar

Now you can get a cool free silver bar just for taking survey from QuickSilver, MintBuilder home business. Who doesn’t like silver. This cool little silver bar is limited so take the survey now. It will make a great collector piece to display on your silver collection wall.

QuickSilver is a new home business concept created by the MintBuilder team. They give you the opportunity to start your own home business selling silver coins. Not just any silver coins either. Only the finest legal tender silver coins from the most prestigious mints from around the world.


Any time you see a new home business online your first thought is how am I going to get people to join my team. The MintBuilder team came up with a rather ingenious solution. Give away free silver bars to sign people up to the mail list. Really, free silver. Who doesn’t like free stuff! Especially gold and silver.

Forget about trying to buy autoresponders, building mailing lists and putting together products to sell. Sign up to QuickSilver today and get all that marketing material included in your back office. Just set it up and promote your beautiful capture pages giving away free silver bars.

Build Wealth

You can build personal wealth easily with QuickSilver. They have an automated plan to collect silver coins monthly. Start off with just one coin. This will give you the complete business with all the tools to build a team. Once your team grows you get a percentage of their sales also.

The potential of building a monthly income with your own home business has never been better than with QuickSilver. And it is so inexpensive to start. There has never been such a sophisticated business for such a low cost. I mean really, where can you get your own home business for only 18 a month, Nowhere!

Get your own Business Cards


Think of the prestige you will get when you tell all your family and friends you are are a precious metal dealer. After all silver is a precious metal as well as a commodity. Silver has been used for money since time began.

Right now silver is out of favor. Warren Buffet said it best. When there is blood in the streets it is time to buy. Certainly this could be said for the silver market. It is one of the most undervalued assets out there. It is time to get involved before the Fed screws up the dollar and gold and silver soars.

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