Baby Boomers surprise Dad on this 99th birthday

When Dad is pushing a hundred years old what the heck do you get for him on his birthday. These Baby Boomer kids decided to do something nice for dad. Rebuild his old Ford car for him as a birthday gift.

baby boomer “kids” spent 3 months getting the ’55 fixed for one last drive. Walt was an old war hero from the pacific war and when he returned he started a family. Of course he needed a new car after his family started and he chose a 55 ford.

He wanted the luxury Crown model but alas all he could afford was the lower end car with a smaller motor. Nether the less that old two barrel was a racing machine and he topped it out at over 100 miles an hour. For Walt that was one fast machine and he even out ran the famous Ram.

Hat’s off to Walt and to his Baby Boomer kids for giving him such a wonderful present to celebrate his birthday.