boreal forest

Why Canada’s boreal forest is gaining international attention

This massive conservation area – 40,000 square kilometres – in Canada would not only expand protected lands and habitat for sensitive species, but it would also create jobs for Kaska members, who could work as guides or Indigenous Guardians to patrol the land. Why Canada’s boreal forest is gaining international attention.

Sharing the words of the iconic E.O. Wilson, on his most fervent dream: “That somehow we have as a value, a human value, that we not destroy but we protect and study and understand and love the environment that was our birthplace.”

The Great Boreal Forest

“The boreal is one of our best hopes for mitigating the effects of climate change and keeping the Earth habitable…The decisions being made to protect or exploit it could have repercussions for generations.”

The green ribbon that makes up 75 per cent of Canada’s forests is among the largest intact wildernesses on the planet. Environmentalists call it ‘one of the last great conservation opportunities.’ What do we need to do to save the boreal?

As the world’s ecological crisis becomes better understood, the boreal forest is becoming somewhat of a celebrity because of one jaw-dropping stat: the Canadian boreal represents 25 per cent of the planet’s remaining intact forest, leading the world alongside the Amazon.

What’s more, around 80 per cent of Canada’s boreal is still relatively intact — a rare thing in today’s world.

But the boreal is facing threats from logging, mining, fires, pests and the many ways those factors interact with climate change.

“We have to recognize that this is one of the last great conservation opportunities in human evolution on Earth,” says Jeff Wells, science and policy director for the Boreal Songbird Initiative.

The boreal is one of our best hopes for mitigating the effects of climate change and keeping the Earth habitable. Yet it also houses huge deposits of oil and gas and minerals. The decisions being made to protect or exploit it could have repercussions for generations.

the boreal (carbon) bank

The boreal is also a globally significant carbon bank. The soils, wetlands and trees of the boreal soak up carbon — almost twice as much as what’s stored in tropical forests. When it remains undisturbed, it has a good chance of retaining that carbon, storing it long-term.

“Its role as a place where carbon is held in storage over thousands of years has meant it has a huge role in affecting the global climate,” 

How can we stop biodiversity & species loss? An important step is learning from the environmental stewardship knowledge of Indigenous communities worldwide, and supporting & partnering with Indigenous-led conservation efforts on the ground.

In Canada, many Indigenous Nations are eager to lead in protecting lands and to partner with Canada to honour conservation commitments. The sheer number of proposals Canada is receiving from Indigenous Nations across the country is testament to the power and scale of this vision.

Protection of Canadian Forests

These articles are quotes of concern from Canadians about how important protection is. The great boreal forest is one one the earths treasured wonders both for human kind as well as animal species. It is a great gift Canada was given. Protection of this forest must come to the forefront of Canada and it’s people. Also people from around the world who enjoy fresh clean air to breathe must realize the importance of saving these lands.

The future of your children and their children depend on the health of this planet. Like the great rain forest of Brazil they must be protected. After all is life worth living if our air becomes so polluted the air we breathe becomes poison. These forests are like giant air cleaners that suck in the bad carbon in the atmosphere.

You have a voice. Share this post with your friends and spread the word about how truly magnificent the great boreal forest really is. Surprisingly even Canadians have little knowledge of this great forest. It is time to spread the word.