Another Murder in Northern BC

Bodies of two Suspected BC Teenage Killers Found

This is truly a sad story and no one can really figure out what has happened here. Two young BC tourists were found dead on the Alaska highway last month. A short distance away another retired tourist was found dead on the side of the highway. What happened?

Shortly after, two BC teenagers were suspected of killing these tourists. Yesterday the bodies of two suspected BC teenage killers were found dead in Manitoba. Police are trying to figure out how they died and what their motives were. No one can figure out how these tragic events came about. Was it just a road side quarrel to young people that got out of hand? No one knows.

What Happened Here

Unfortunately there were no witnesses to these events. Also the two suspects did not say anything to anybody about what transpired here. At this time it is only speculation on what occurred. There could have been many reasons why. What we do know about this situation is guns were involved again. It seems that there is always guns involved when these events occur.

Whether you believe it is the right of someone to own a gun or not the murder count goes up when a gun is around. I believe in the fact that if violence breaks out among younger people many resort to weapons. Guns are easy to use and you don’t have to get face to face like a knife. Maybe that’s what happened in this case. The two young tourists were broken down on the side of the highway. Maybe the two young men pulled over to see what was up. Being with his young girlfriend and protective of her he might have gotten defensive.

Was it Robbery

Was it Robbery? Did the young teens see a broken down vehicle on the side of the road and pulled over to see what they could get. Maybe the tourist and his wife were sleeping in the back and didn’t notice them. The truck was locked so the teens shot out the back window to gain access. Maybe they were drinking, on drugs, who knows. It is still very hard to believe that someone would shoot two young tourists over a few dollars.

Something else must have occurred for this to happen. Did these two teens give up on society all of a sudden? That is also hard to believe as they were traveling and looking for work. Did they get discouraged because they ran out of money and couldn’t get work? They could have easily just drove home. Something occurred here that just doesn’t make any sense at all. The only thing that does make any sense is 5 people have died. Maybe one day someone can piece together this horrific act and make some kind of sense of it all. I know I sure cant’.



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