Allah Buddha Jesus

Allah Buddha Jesus Mohammed Who to Worship

All these religions in the world is really quite confusing. Now don’t get me wrong, I like God and want to praise him, her, it, whatever. Allah Buddha Jesus Mohammed who to worship. It is all kinda of confusing really. Worship the wrong guy and your life might be in jeopardy.

There has to be a higher power in my opinion. I mean someone had to have made all this life around us. Trees, flowers, birds and the bees all a wonder to behold. Creation like this is very hard to think it came from nowhere. What about are thoughts and decisions to do good or bad. Surely this must be some kind of intelligence inside of us. Just maybe it is everywhere and inside of all things.

Who to Worship Allah Buddha Jesus

So who should you worship. Heaven forbid if you join the wrong club you could go to hell. Everyone has heard of this place. Where they stick needles into you and make you suffer. Yikes, for eternity if you were bad. So if life is in all living things and were all part of the big picture why don’t animals go to hell. I mean there bad all the time. Look at dogs chewing up your nice new furniture.

Why is it people only have religions. Heaven’s and Hell’s seem to be man made. Now they are saying most of the sacred texts and the bible and Quran were written by men. Men of old they say wrote these fables of miracles, predictions and rising after death. When I heard this it set me back a bit. Now Buddists don’t believe in God. The path to Enlightenment is through the practice and development of morality, meditation and wisdom.

Who to Worship Allah Buddha Jesus

A lot of religions believe you are going to burn forever if you screw up here on earth. Everyone screws up once or twice so you must ask God or Allah to forgive. It seems like the Bible and the Quran have a lot in common. For example they both have the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve and Jesus and Mary to name just a few are mentioned in both. Although the stories seem to vary in both books many stories are similar.

Allah Buddha Jesus Mohammed Who to Worship
Allah Buddha Jesus Mohammed Who to Worship

This seems to say that these books were written by men. Just maybe the men of old were inspired by God. Does this mean that God would tell different stories of the same thing. All this is very illogical and does imply that men have written different accounts. So why do these religions wage war on each other? This is a great question and one that should be looked at. If both these religions which are huge by the way would mingle then peace should prevail.

Although peace is still broken from time to time among the same religions. War’s rage between Muslims, between Christians and it occurs quite often. Over history religion has caused almost 7% of all the major wars. This adds up to endless lives being lost. If this is religion I think God is going to be pissed. After all isn’t one of his biggest laws was Thous shall not kill.

Who to Worship Allah Buddha Jesus

Now I don’t want to give anybody any advice on who or who not to worship. Worship the Devil, the Dollar, the new star in hollywood. My goodness, worship your old chevy. I am not saying who is right or who is wrong. Everybody has to have someone. Maybe you worship Elvis.

For me I don’t know. I really liked Jesus and wanted to have him in my life. Save me and send me to Heaven. Provide all my wants. Who couldn’t ask for more. Was Jesus made up out of old folklore stories. Maybe. The Quaran says Jesus was a man not a God. Most likely that is the case. What about all the nut cases! They are blowing themselves to pieces to go to paradise. All seems a little ridiculous and ludicrous. Killing for a God that says don’t kill or your won’t go to paradise. Hypocrites.

Who to Worship

So for now I think nature is still a good bet to worship and pray to. Now I know nature can be pretty violent an do a lot of killing. So it ain’t peaceful. Maybe the inner self is what should be worshiped. After all the creator who ever he is created you. If you don’t like yourself then maybe you shouldn’t lover yourself but you can meditate. Meditation or searching for inner peace just might be the answer.

After all the universe created you. Now the universe created everything. This might mean that inside of each and every one of us is the answer. Love is a bit chunk of nature. You can see it the way a mother pampers her offspring. Maybe are creator loves us and protects us in the same way. After all are we not his or her child. A child of the universe.