China is controlling the Money and it is not credit

China is controlling the Money and it is not credit

China is controlling. It’s very interesting when people talk about China. Trump say’s they need us to sell their stuff. But do they? Let’s face it the world is a big place with lot’s of people rising from poverty. Sure there is still a lot of poor people in the world. Heck I am one of them, but there are also a lot of people working and making money. They want to spend this money.

Would you buy something from the U.S. and pay for it in U.S. dollars? I sure wouldn’t. Living in Canada right away I would lose a lot of dough. So why should people go crazy over Costco? I just don’t get it. Most of the stuff that Costco sells comes from China anyway doesn’t it. Maybe I am wrong. Last week a Costco store opened up in China. They went crazy trying to get in their and spend their cash. And they got a lot of it.

If they got that much cash to go crazy and line up for hours to buy American goods China must be doing something right. The state owns the money. They own everything and discourage credit. All the money is in the bank and you get an AP on your Smart Phone to spend it. Walk into a store, pick something out, flash your AP and your done. No CASH.

China is controlling the Money

So how can businesses or banks for that matter go broke if their state owned? A country like China is not in debt. When you have a government that owns everything and are a top world power it seems to me you cannot go broke. Meanwhile back in the good old U.S. the debt clock is ticking. And who is buying their stuff. Sure not me, it cost’s too much.

It is starting to show from the manufacturing index which is now contracting. When it drops below 50 their is trouble brewing. So who is going to win this war? What is going to happen when the layoffs start and money is tight. Their talking about just giving everyone a bunch of money each month to spend. Crazy or what. This means that money will become worthless. Everyone will have a pocket full. Why even work anymore if you can get if for free. What a stupid idea.

controlling the Money

China is controlling. China has gold mines, manufacturing, banks and everything else for that matter owned by the state. What this means is they are rolling in dough. Do you think the surrounding third world countries are going to be able to compete with them. Think again. If anyone wins this trade war do you really think it will be the states. What if China just cuts them off and sells all their treasury’s.

What would happen if even more trillions floated back to the U.S.? They would have so many bonds they would have to pay people to buy them like the Euro Zone is doing. With so much moola floating around and now their going to print more I think it is a good time to head to high ground. Buy Silver