Vancouver Real Estate

Vancouver Real Estate is starting to Pick Up

Hey Guys Zoomer here. So what’s with this real estate in vancouver. I keep hearing vancouver real estate is starting to pick up. What’s going on. Is this just a blip or is there some actual wind in the sails. Hard to tell what the future holds. In my humble opinion it looks to me like we might have a slight wind to push the giant bubble forward.

Bubble, did I just say bubble. Well everyone knows one thing.

And that one thing is Vancouver Real Estate ain’t cheap. Used to be cheap cause I grew up here and know all about the prices back in the day. Heck you could buy a house for 10000. Yes that is correct, my parents bought a house for ten grand. Hard to believe. Aye. Well let’s look forward because back then interest rates were also very high. Today they are heading to 0.

Vancouver Real Estate is starting to Pick Up

So exactly what does this mean. 0 rates. Holy Tomato, who would have thunk that the worlds interest rates were going to tank. This is going to have some weird effects going forward. Could be a great time to buy some Silver. Maybe you want to buy a little Gold. With rates going to 0 I think you should. Real Estate should also do quite well also. I mean if you can buy a house when someone is going to pay you for the loan why not huh.

Crazy times for sure are ahead. One thing for sure if you got any dough in the bank take it out and stick it some where because soon there is going to be lot’s. Lot’s and lot’s of dough sloshing around the world. In my humble opinion this is going to create the biggest spending binge the world has ever known. After it is over maybe it might be time to head for the hills. I mean who is going to pay for this mess. You, Me, your kids, Grand Kids. Yikes.

Real Estate is starting to Pick Up

All this should bode well for Vancouver Real Estate. Nice climate, Chinese friendly, lot’s of activities, safe, nice houses and condos. The list just goes on and on for Vancouver. Prices here are bottoming now but this is not going to last. With rates starting to move lower and Canada will follow. There is little doubt about this. After all most of Canadians aren’t too bright. Let’s face it. We spend all winter indoors fighting the weather and watching the boob tube. Internet these days.

With an election looming there will be lot’s of new Real Estate incentives coming on stream. you can can’t on that. As the Canadian snowed in birds sit around all winter they will be reading the news. More positive news on interest rates and new incentives will bring out the Spring look E Loos. These new buyers will be ready to start spending the newly implemented mortgage rates incentives and their down payment savings. Price will churn and bubble and start to rise. Higher and higher like the giant balloon it is. With more air being pumped and pumped and pumped some more. Who knows me might all end up on the Moon.