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Recession talk is on the Rise Insurance buying Increases

Hey guys it’s Zoomer here. Thanks for stopping by and reading my raves. I appreciate it. So what’s all this talk around the world about recession. Every country is slashing interest rates and talking slowdown. Recession talk is on the rise and insurance buying increases. So what kind of insurance can you get in a recession. Silver and Gold of course.

We all know that Gold has skyrocketed in value. So what about Silver?

It seems that silver is still one heck of a bargain. According to the Silver Gold ration everyone talks about. This ratio is pointing to a dramatic rise in the silver price or a collapse in Gold. I can’t see the gold price collapsing any time soon. Can you? What this means that a little insurance in silver could be a great investment. So what kind of silver should you be getting. I would suggest getting legal tender silver coins and storing them somewhere safe.

Recession talk is on the Rise Insurance buying Increases

Silver has been proven to be one of the best insurance policies against tough times. Maybe we should be looking at getting a little to protect ourselves if the economies of the world implode. What is going to happen when all the interest rates of the world hit zero. Yikes! Then again what happens if inflation rears it’s might roar. Once this demon unleashes it is very hard to tame. Rising rates will crash the world even further!

It seems the world is in uncharted territory. Maybe the stock markets and real estate markets will just keep rising into the stratosphere. After all aren’t we trying to get to Mars? Which ever way you want to look at this dilemma the world is in a huge bubble that just seems to be getting huger. What is going to happen when this baby pops. Run for cover! Every asset you own will be under the roof of this giant vice, about to get squished. There will be no where to run as the stock, bond and real estate markets fall off a cliff. Much like the road runner scrambling in thin air before it crashes in the valley below.

Protect your self with Silver Coins

Now there is hope against this coming disaster. It has been proven over and over again that legal tender silver coins do very well in rough times. The worst the times the better they perform. These coins tripled in value in the last financial chaos and the will outperform in the next chaos. There is a great new company online that has just launched. It is called

You can go here and purchase legal tender silver coins at a great price. Also if you are business minded you can start your own home business selling these legal tender silver coins from around the world. Economies around the world are in chaos. Look at Chile for example. There are people rioting in the streets right now due to economic disaster. How long do you think your city, country where ever it is will last before chaos reigns down on you. It is only a matter of time before this economic night mare will hit every body. Take Action and start buying Silver Coins.

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