Trump is losing Millions because of the Federal Reserve

Trump Trial is underway Guilty or a Political Fiasco

Hey Guys it’s zoomer here with a little give and take at what is going down across the border. The trump trial is underway so is he guilty or is this all a political fiasco. You think these retards would have something better to do than spend millions on this crap. But who am I, just a dumb Canuck who has a French easterner screwing up the west. That’s where I hail from by the way, the west and believe you me there is no love for that guy out here.

Anyways back to his buddy Trump. So what’s going on down there with this impeachment? Before the Senate can deliver a verdict on whether to oust Trump from office they must first set ground rules on the president’s impeachment trial. At issue is what kind of amendments or witnesses to consider, as well as how long the proceedings will go on. What kind of evidence can be introduced, all of which will shape the trial and its fallout.

Trump Trial is underway Guilty or a Political Fiasco

I can’t believe what I am reading, this thing could drag on into next year quite easily. So what do you think the Chinese think about this? There already starting to question some of the deals that were supposed to go through involving the farming. Chinese officials are saying China will not go for a one sided deal in favor of the U.S. Obviously while Trump is being put on the impeachment train there is not going to be too many deals with the Chinese.

These guys are going to wait and see what happens to Trump. Those Chinese people are not stupid after all and if Trump goes the next leader might be easier to deal with. So it seems one of the most powerful political names doesn’t think Trump is going to the hoosegow. McConnell stated that given the evidence today he doesn’t think there’s any question the Senate will acquit Trump, quote unquote. a powerful message to the Republican rank-and-file senators he’s led for the past 12 years.

Trump Trial is underway Guilty or a Political Fiasco

So what is this trial about anyways? Well it seems like Trump phoned up the Ukraine pres and don’t him to tell him the skinny about the Dem’s. Apparently the Democrats were doing a lot of dirty deeds over there when the black dude ran the world. So they are saying that he got the Ukraine pres to tell him all the dirt on these guys and Trump was or is going to use it in the coming election.

Sounds all pretty James Bond to me. Who knows what these guys will do to get into these powerful positions, pretty much anythings I would suspect. I guess were going to find out over the coming months as this modern day did he do it or not unfolds. My guess is probably not, I don’t think Trump is that dumb. In the meantime the trade war won’t get any better and the recession will unfold. Buy Gold and Silver.