Earthquakes Rocking West Coast of Canada

Earthquakes Rocking West Coast of Canada

The area has long been over due for an earthquake and it seems the west coast of Canada’s time has come. Earth Quakes have been predicted for decades and it seems like the time has arrived. Just in the last 2 days Earthquakes rocking west coast of Canada. Most of the quake are far off shore and deep underground. One reported Tuesday shook the ground as far away as Richmond B.C. Richmond is an Island made of Silt along the Fraser River. One large Quake could send the whole of Richmond tumbling into the Ocean. Scary thought.

Earthquakes Rocking West Coast of Canada

There have been numerous Earthquakes in the North West over the years. The experts say a big one is long over due. Of course no one knows when an earthquake will strike. Vancouver has numerous buildings that were built earthquake proof. Build on vibrating steel and concrete to absorb the impact of a large quake. Richmond though is a whole different story. Over the years the Fraser River has deposited silt along the banks and built a massive Island called Richmond.

This area has been developed with hundreds of high rises and other massive structures. One massive quake could shake the silt underneath and turn it into quicksand. All these heavy building would start sinking into the mire. The coast of Vancouver is susceptible to some of the largest earthquakes ever recorded.

Earthquakes in B.C. Canada

Some of the world’s largest earthquakes have occurred here in BC. The research shows that these catastrophic earthquakes will occur again and can happen at any time. In fact, our area is home to thousands of small earthquakes every year What causes earthquakes?

The earth’s crust is divided into large sections, called tectonic plates. Earthquakes occur as these plates slip past or underneath one another, releasing stress. This stress causes the ground above to move and shake in an earthquake. These same geological processes also give us the mountains we enjoy here in BC.

Earthquakes we can expect in Vancouver

Here in Vancouver, we are near the boundary (or fault line) of two of these plates, the North American Plate, on which we live, and the smaller Juan de Fuca Plate. One of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded happened just North of these plates in Alaska. Are these latest quakes a warning of more ominous events to come.

Prince William Sound, Alaska, 28 March 1964 (9.2)

The resulting tsunami took 128 lives and caused overall US$311 million in damage. The earthquake was felt mainly over Alaska, as well as some places in Canada, while the tsunami created by it caused damage as far away as Hawaii. The most damage was sustained by the city of Anchorage, 120 km north-west of the epicentre. Shaking from the quake itself is reported to have lasted for three minutes.

Earthquakes Rocking West Coast of Canada

Three main types of earthquakes that pose a risk to Vancouver: