Gods Warning to the World CoronoVirus will Spread

As human beings continue to pollute and rape the planet is God trying to tell us something. Gods warning to the world coronvirus will spread and destroy mankind for his sins. Sins against nature and sins against fellow man. Has God had enough of man’s greed and disrespect for the planet that he gave them.

It just could be that Nature has had enough and is re-balancing the planet. Balance is everywhere in nature and mother earth shows this in all it’s creatures. Everywhere there is balance through the universe. You can see it in the creatures as they depend on each other for survival. When one species is lost then others soon follow. Maybe this new coronovirus that is spreading across the globe it Gods balancing act to restore order. It would be a simple thing to do for the creator of the universe to whip up a virus to wipe out mankind.

CoronoVirus is spreading

I don’t want to be an alarmist but the virus is spreading. Today Canada shut down all travel to Main Land China. This act shows that panic is starting to spread around the globe. Why is everyone scared? For one thing this virus kills. It is not choosy, it will kill the old and young alike. So far there is no vaccine to control the spread just old fashion shut the door and lock it out procedures. All this is well and good but it is shutting down the supply chain around the globe.

What happens when shortages appear in certain goods? Price rises happen or in other words inflation. If inflation starts to rear it’s ugly head there will be no putting it back in the box. The CoronVirus could hit mankind in many different ways. First of all it could kill you. Second of all and maybe even worse it could cost you your lively hood over night! Just one small example among millions of workers could be an auto worker. Let’s think for a minute what might happen if an auto plant cannot get the parts it needs to assemble it’s cars. Mass layoffs will occur most certainly which will ricochet through the countries of the worlds. Mayhem will occur with food shortages and civil riots. Imagine if you go to the store and there is no food!

God is Pissed Off and you should be worried

God is pissed off at mankind for destroying his favorite planet and is about to thin out the herd. Don’t think for one minute there is not a creator who looks down on his creation. God did not intend for one species to rule the world and destroy all other’s. Believe me this will not happen and mankind is about to find out the hard way. One tiny creation that cannot be seen is about to wipe out mankind.

Not all people will die of course in this current outbreak. What is going to happen when an even stronger and more deadly virus appears. Don’t think it is possible? Thing again. Look at the weather around the globe. There are signs everywhere that things are out of order. God likes order and if it becomes out of hand he will soon bring it back online.

Gods Warning to the World CoronoVirus will Spread
Tiny but Deadly

The CoronVirus is a new strain of virus that has somehow become immune to modern day medicine. How could this be? So are viruses alive and thinking creatures. Apparently they are not classified as a living being. Viruses are classed more like a parasite. It seems that a virus is kind of an unknown kind of life form. They have intelligent and seem to be able to think. Now if this is the case something with intelligence would of had to make them.

Every living thing has a purpose. Whether it is to sustain another species or the plants and fauna. All is connected. What might the purpose of a virus be. Could it be a creation of control. To control the unbalances in life that one species has spun out of control. Maybe.



Brent Walker