WHO renames the deadly CoronoVirus

Well it looks like the WHO remames the deadly CoronoVirus to a less intimidating name. It is now called the Covid-19. Now doesn’t that sound more scientific. Also it seems very strange that the city that this Virus broke out in has a Pandemic lab. What that is is a lab that tests and plays around with deadly Pandemic viruses. Did somebody screw up and let this virus out. Maybe. It is very hard to think that this highly mutated deadly virus came from an animal. Now if it did wouldn’t there have been a massive infection of the animal populations.

After all if it can kill a sophisticated immune system holder so easily such as a human wouldn’t it also kill animals? This is just a thought but this virus popped out of somewhere and to me it looks man made. Seems like a laboratory experiment gone aerie. I mean all it would take is one of these lab workers to get infected. Sometimes when you are dealing with an unknown outcome you would not know what the effects would be. No until that is the cat gets out of the bag and all hell is unleashed.

WHO renames the deadly CoronoVirus

WHO renames the deadly CoronoVirus

Now not only has the Worlds Health Organization renamed this virus they have also declared it still an emergency. In case you want to know the virus is still raging in China and has been renamed the Covid-19. Who knows what the 19 stands for. Maybe it is the 19th strain. Don’t have a clue what Covid means. Let’s look it up on google. Well, well, well. It seems to indicate some kind of measurement. Are there more of these strains of viruses around?

China is telling the country to get back to normal starting Monday Feb 17. Let’s face a fact here. Now if this virus is still being declared an emergency what is going to happen when all the people start interacting. Sure everyone is wearing a mask but do these masks really work. Medical doctors are wearing ones also and didn’t a medical worker just die. Are we going to see a round 2 in China when this virus starts being spread again?

Was the Virus Man Made?

The CoronVirus seems to be quite different from other viruses in it’s group just for the fact of the way it transmits. Apparently you don’t even have to be sick for other people to catch it. Also it seems very strange to me that it didn’t decimate the animal populations. They say that is where it originated from. There was a sick animal in an animal market. Now why didn’t all the other animals there get sick. Not only that what happened to all those animals? Were they all slaughtered. So many questions.

Was this virus concocted in a lab? It just might have been and a unknowing technician just might have brought it out. There have been other conspiracy theories but the lab one makes sense. Don’t they have an experimental lab in the city where the CoronoVirus broke out. China tried to control their population growth once before. Is it beyond a reasonable thought that the world is getting out of hand. Maybe they are working on a plan to thin the crop so to speak. Let’s face it survival of the human race could rest on the fact that there is just too many of them.


Brent Walker

editor of Zoomers News