Alien plague set loose by the Watchers of Earth

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Well it looks like this new CoronoVirus is cleaning the earth’s oceans and the air above. Now does this mean this is an alien plague set loose the by the watchers of the earth. Were they concerned that mankind is killing the planet and is now setting the balance score straight? All these questions remind us that it is not us that rule the planet it is nature. One thing for sure is that you do not make mother nature upset.

Alien plague set loose by the Watchers of Earth

With one fell swoop of her hand she can send down a might tornado to wipe out whole cities with a single stroke. Is mother earth now so distraught she finally has had enough. Has anyone heard of the locust plagues? Right now there are locust’s running rampant all over Africa destroying valuable food crops. This is going to cause hunger like never before in Africa especially now that we have literally blocked the supply channels. Whenever I hold back the rain or send locusts to eat up the crops. I will send an epidemic on my people. If they pray to me and repent and turn away from the evil they have been doing, then I will hear them in heaven. I will forgive their sins, and make their land prosperous again.

Now this quote is not coming from me. It is a passage from the Bible and we all know that the Bible has many hidden prophecies related to the future. Are they starting to come true?

Alien plague set loose by the Watchers of Earth

Nature is in some delicate harmony that it does not take much interference to throw it out of whack. Let’s take any eco-system in the world. Take away a certain plant or destroy a certain species and the entire system will come tumbling down. Much like the economic system is doing right now. All this is being done because something is wrong! Did an alien plague set loose by the watchers of earth just get unleashed? Will there be more to come with weather, insect’s disease and pestilence. Just maybe.

Let’s look at the universe flying through the sky’s. Amazing to behold is it not. What would happen if that moon above shifted slightly in or out of it’s orbit? I would hate to think the consequences. Yet here on earth we let greed and power rule our lives. War and conquest seem like a daily affair with simply no regard of the outcome. Lives have become just a number on a chart with no real remorse. All the news is talking about is how much money you will get because of all this. Money, money, money. Has money become our new God. False idols such as fancy cars and giant houses have become the norm. Creatures of nature are being destroyed around the planet.

Hard Rain’s agonna Fall

Back in the 60’s Bob Dylan sang an interesting song about how a hard rain was going to fall. It sort of talked of how man was screwing up things and nature was going to get upset and set things right. Could old Bob have been prophesying for what is happening today. A lot of them old hippie singers sang songs about the future. What was that song In the Year 2525 or something like that. This band also sang of doom and gloom and what man was doing to the planet. What are all these books and songs telling us.

Take a look at Italy right now with no Cruise Ships running. Waters are starting to clear up. Who knows what kind of damage these thousands of ships have been doing. Noise alone from their powerful engines could be doing damage we don’t even know about. Wake up people. Nature is being destroyed because of you and me and this latest ConornaVirus should be a wake up call for everybody. Why is it the world can unite in a matter of days to beat an invisible enemy. Take up the call and unite to save our planet before it is too late.

Point of no Return

One day there will be a point of no return. Which is a day that it will be too late and mother nature will make the CoronaVirus look like a mile cold. She will take whatever action she needs to take to bring here creation back into the balance it was made to be in. Unfortunately she does not look upon human beings to be special. Let’s face it you are just a part of the big picture. Although you might like to think you are some kind of higher being this little tiny CoronVirus is letting you know different. Just maybe it might be giving you a warning.

Society is collapsing over a virus. Now can you imagine when the creator really get’s going. I mean after all to get rid of the dino’s she just sent down a giant meteorite and wiped them all out instantly. Do you think she would not do the same to you for messing up here planet.

Think again my friends and repent your evil ways.