Bank fights Covia-19

Baby Boomers CoronoVirus Panic Spreads

So it looks like this new CoronoVirus pandemic is hitting the zoomer generation hard. Baby Boomers CoronoVirus panic spreads and casualty rates surge among the elderly. Yikes, not only are the boomers taking the brunt of the one two punch health wise their stocks are tanking also. Like the old saying goes, if the right one don’t get ya the left one will. Problem is there is no ducking or back peddling from this one.

Sounds like a scary way to go. Not being able to breathe is one crappy way to leave the world. Now this is only a suggestion and it might not be for everyone. Personally I think every one over the age of 60 should be getting themselves some oxygen. Pneumonia, even a light case is scary and you should be prepared. By no means am I a Doctor but I can say from experience what to expect. When I did my last job on a cruise ship there were people from all over the planet working on it. Sure enough I picked up a virus.

Let’s talk a little about this virus. First of all I felt kind of fevery and then started to cough. After a day or so the coughing got worse. When I woke up in the night and couldn’t breathe things got scary. Off I went down to the local 7 11 store as they are open late. Thank the good lord above they had some fishermans friend and some Vicks vapor rub. These two items saved my Canadian ass. After eating a couple packs of the friend and putting a half bottle of vicks on my throat I could breathe once again. Stock up on these items my friends and get yourself an oxygen bottle just in case you catch this new virus.

What about my Stocks

Now when it comes to being invested in stocks the first thing to do is not to do. Don’t panic as this is just a temporary cause that will sooner or later be solved. Some genius Doctor will come up with a cure and all will be well in the world once again. You should have been invested in good paying Dividend Stocks in the first place. Good companies that will not fail and will pay well even in hard times. Sooner or later that stock will revive in price if you planned correctly before the crisis happened. If you were speculating in high risk then you are probably paying the price and can kiss your investments goodbye. Get out now before its too late and buy some Silver.

Silver is still cheap to own and just today the US Mint sold out of Silver Eagles. Grab some or a lot of these while you still can. No one knows what is going to happen in the future so like the oxygen tank it is a good idea to grab yourself some insurance. Gold is also a good insurance policy although a little pricey. In the coming months when companies around the world start reporting large losses you sure don’t want to be owing their stock. Also the way the helicopters are circling loaded with cash is kinda scary. Look out below when they start dropping the dollar bills from the sky. It’s going to happen folks so get yourself some silver or gold before the inflation comes.

Baby Boomers CoronoVirus Panic Spreads

How long will the CoronoVirus last

Covia-19 is here to stay I am sorry to say. Like the Flu or a common cold it is going to be part of life. Flu one can handle by getting a shot. CoronoVirus is a little different because their is no shot. Until the powers that be come up with some cure look out world. It will spread and mutate and maybe even reignite in areas that were contained. Fact of the matter is nobody knows what is going on. Boomers like us are the ones this thing is going to hit hard. Especially the medical systems of North America which are already burdened. What is going to happen if there is a break out in your area. Will everybody phone for an ambulance at once?

Let’s get real here. Our system is not prepared for a massive pandemic and once this thing takes hold and supply chains get interrupted it will be even harder to contain. So in the meantime prepare. People of the boomer generation are dying because they cannot breathe. Get some breathing aids to help you through. Also build up your immunity systems with Vitamin D and C. Both these vitamins strengthen your immune system which is your front line defense. Along with your oxygen tank of course.

So where can you get an oxygen tank anyways. I would suggest asking your Doctor next time your in or your local health clinic. Every area will have different locations and the prices are well worth the risk of getting caught. We all like to breathe and one of these little handy machines could save your life. Great investments are sometimes just taking a little insurance against the unknown. These are troubled and unknown times we live in and being prepared is always a good idea.

Baby Boomers CoronoVirus

No one is really quite sure where this new virus originated from but there are theories out there. Ranging from the US did it to it came from the Chinese food markets. We don’t really want to discuss the food markets in China because they are really quite disgusting. It turns my stomach just to see how they do their dirty business there. Culling and chopping up wild animals right in front of you for food is not my cup of tea. Chinese seem to think it’s ok but these small cages and close confinement spread disease.

This new virus could also be a man made virus that got loose. Now this is really scary stuff their saying. When they work on these viruses they also use animals. Once these poor guys have been used and tested and they are no longer needed they have to get rid of them. It seems like the people that work at these clinics have been taking them and selling the animals to the Food Markets. These animals have been affected with who knows what and now being sold for food! No wonder the Chinese are getting sick. These markets should be outlawed but that is a story for another day which I will surely look into. This needs to be reported and stopped!

Baby Boomers CoronoVirus Panic Spreads

The baby boomers coronovirus panic spreads around the world. Baby Boomers are in complete panic as hospitals get runs with people worried they caught the virus. First of all the hospital is the last place you should go. Patients at the hospitals don’t need a virus spreading from room to room complicating matters. Hospitals in North America and especially Canad are already crowded due to mass immigration policies.

This baby boomers coronovirus which I like to call it because it affects us the most could devastate the medical systems. Clinics are being set up around Canada to separate them from the hospital populations but this will take time. Meanwhile do not go to the hospital. Stay away unless it is matter other than the virus spread. We all must do our part and go to the designated stations as they start to appear.

all the best and stay safe