Canada Corono Virus could infect up to 70% of Population

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Very alarming news in the National Post today about the CoronoVirus in Canada. It reads Canada Corono Virus could infect up to 70% of population. Actually it said between 35 to 70 % of the population of Canada. These numbers are quite alarming. Statistics are pointing to around a 3% death rate. Of course being a Zoomer you will be well above the 3% range. Elderly people like myself are getting hit very badly with this virus and the death rates are soaring in the older population.

Canada being a huge country will probably be the best defense for those living in the rural areas. Cities will be a different story unfortunately. More people live in the cities. Millions in fact. Many travel by bus and rail. What are these people going to do when the virus creeps in. Especially when a lot of people have no symptoms. They will be going about their business as usual and the virus will sweep through the masses causing panic and chaos. Italy is a very good example of this. Schools and gatherings of a to z have been shut down devastating the economy. Were in deep doo doo folks.

Canada is not prepared

America press came out with an article today stating that there will be no beds for the sick after May 8. That’s only a month away and I am sad to report the Canada is even in a worse position as the hospitals are already at capacity. A lot to do with this is the massive migration over the last few years. Already there is a strain on health care and when this Pandemic get’s worse hospitals will over flow. Another very concerning thing is that health workers and Doctors are going to be getting infected. Look at China and what happened there. Doctors died and they certainly will die in the West as they fight the virus on the front lines.

Covia-19 Virus
Covia-19 Virus

As COVID-19 continues to spread, people are more worried than ever about catching it. Cases of coronavirus in Canada have been rising, and new research shows how far the virus could reach. If not handled properly, the majority of Canadians could contract it. Now there are around 38,000,000 Canadians, give or take a few thousand. Covia-19 has a death rate of around 3%. Wow that is a lot of Canadians who are going to die if these projections are real. Our economy and our citizens are in big trouble. Of course these are all extreme estimates and hopefully were not all going die. Who sang that was it Arlo Guthrie. Whoopee were all going to die.

How do we prepare for this!

Well for one thing don’t panic. Were all going to die one day so maybe we’ll go a little sooner. Another thing to do is make sure you wash your hands a lot and carry a little spray bottle around to spray on things you are about to touch. I know it sounds extreme but kill them bugs before they kill you. So what else should you do with your finances? Good question and no one really knows the answer because we truly are in uncharted waters of the stormiest kind. My answer would be to stock up on some precious metals today. Don’t wait. Cash in them stocks and buy yourself some gold and silver today.

Good old Silver Maple Leaf

I highly recommend QuickSilver to buy your silver and gold. You become a member and then get great deals on gold and silver legal tender silver coins. You buy them online and they are in your mailbox in no time and all guaranteed. No need to worry. Cash them in anywhere if times go parabolic and get some quick cash or whatever they might be using. Banks might crater under all the debt that Canadians are in if there is a massive destruction of the businesses in Canada. Get some insurance. Personally I just love those Silver Maples and you can buy them right now for around 20 bucks. How high will the silver price go when things get out of hand is anyone’s guess. But at least you can feel confident that you won’t lose all your hard earned savings at the Bank.