Are Big Foot Creatures Mating with Lost Campers

A secret Washington report has revealed that Big Foot might be involved in the disappearance of 100s of campers over the years. So are Big Foot creatures mating with lost campers. It just might be true that the illusive creature is kidnapping and breeding with lost hikers and campers. People have been mysteriously disappearing for years in state parks for years and the FBI is out to find out why.

According to their findings there are over 600 of the hairy beasts running wild in Oregon alone. It seems that the only way the creature can survive is to capture and mate with human beings. For years people have wandered out into the forests of America and have never been seen again. No trace of hundreds of campers and hikers have ever been found. So what happened to them? The government is out to find out where these people have gone.

Are Big Foot Creatures Mating with Lost Campers

Investigators planted silent outdoor cameras all over Oregon in regions far away from human populations. An actual juvenile Big Foot was caught on one of these cameras sauntering along at night. It is now believed these creatures are nocturnal. They only come out after dark and live in areas that are inaccessible to humans. What makes the creature so elusive is that it lives in deep woods and only comes out at night.

Genetic testing confirms the legendary Bigfoot is a human relative that arose some 15,000 years ago. They are part of the Homo Erebus family and much like the Neanderthals, they used to breed with humans. At least according to a press release issued by a company called DNA Diagnostics detailing supposed work by a Texas veterinarian. They claim that there is enough human DNA in these creatures to breed with modern humans today!

National Parks a hunting ground for Big Foot

Since 1981 people in national parks have been gone missing and according to government studies Big Foot could be the cause. There have been hundreds of sightings and encounters with Big Foot over the years in the nations parks. Thousands of acres to hide in and an abundance source of food could be attracting them. Also what could be attracting them is the ease to kidnap a mate. After all didn’t the cave men of old hunt down and kidnap their mates to keep the blood lines going?

The report suggests that due to this mating frenzy over the last 50 years that the populations of Big Foot could be rising. More and more sightings are being reported every day due to modern cameras and other technologies. A team of scientists can verify that their five-year long DNA study, confirms the existence of a novel hominid hybrid species. Bigfoot’ or ‘Sasquatch’ is living in North America the release reads.Extensive DNA sequencing suggests that the legendary Sasquatch is a human relative that arose approximately 15,000 years ago.

Real Encounters in State Parks

Three young men were out camping in Mt Rainier’s State park on a warm summer night. One of the young lads in his late 20s decided he was going to sleep out under the stars in his sleeping bag. He woke in the middle of the night only to discover a large furry creature hovering over him. At first he thought it was a bear but quickly realized this was no bear. It was huge female creature that resembled a human being except it was covered in hair and had a terrible odor. He was so paralyzed by fear that he lost consciousness.

The next thing he knew it was morning and he was lying naked on the ground. There was no sign of the female Big Foot. To this day he believes this half human half Ape like creature took advantage of him in his helpless state that warm summer night. Female as well as Male Big Foot is on the hunt looking for mates and they find humans irresistible.

Female Big Foot caught Bathing

A father of three was out camping in Crater Lake national park when he decided to go for an early morning fishing trip. As he approached a near by stream to do some trout fishing he notice an Ape like creature bathing in the water. She was covered from head to toe with coarse black hair. In amazement he approached a little closer to the human like creature. As he got closer the female creature stopped bathing and turned around looked directly at him. She let out a gentle cooing sound and started to approach him.

In horror the man turned and ran for his life. To this day he sticks to his story and believes this was a human like female creature who was trying to seduce him. She had a strange intoxicating aroma that was almost hypnotizing and it took all his strength not to jump in the water with her. Could this have been a female Big Foot out on the hunt looking for a male human to breed with. Like dogs when they are in heat and give off an irresistible aroma maybe Big Foot does the same thing.

Encounter in Canada

United State Parks are not the only one who is having encounters with the Big Foot. Up in Canada Big Foot was encountered near Mount Bless national park forest. A female researcher who does not want to reveal her name was out camping when a male Big Foot reached into her tent. The Big Foot dragged her out of the tent by her feet and proceeded to have his way with her. It was a brutal attack which led to the female researcher becoming pregnant.

Nine months later she gave birth to not one, but four half human and half something else babies. They were furry all over and definitely not like any humans we know of today. Being in shock at the birth she was also overcome with the overwhelming desire to return these babies to the place of the encounter with the male Big Foot.

These are only a few out of hundreds and hundreds of stories with encounters of matings and attempted mating with Big Foot. With these creatures breeding with humans and increasing their population it will only be a matter of time before one is caught.

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