5 year old steals mom and dads car to drive to California

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This has to be the most adventurous 5 year old on the planet. This kid was caught driving down the freeway. Apparently the 5 year old steals mom and dads car to drive to California and buy a Lamborghini. Either this kid is a future race car driver or maybe he took too much ridinal. Highway patrol officers in Utah pulled over an SUV for what they thought was an impaired driving offence, but they discovered a 5-year-old boy behind the wheel. According to the Utah Highway Patrol Twitter account, the boy stole his parent’s car after having a fight with his mom because she told him she would not buy him a Lamborghini.

He grabbed the keys and started driving to California and amazingly made it onto the freeway before getting pulled over. He had $3 in his possession.  The $3 was going to buy him his new dream machine when he got to his sisters house in California.

5 year old pleads the 5th

When questioned the kid said that he learned how to drive by watching his mother. Steering was easy because he practiced on his friends video driving games. The only problem the tyke had was getting his foot low enough while driving to hit the gas and brake pedals. LOL…what next. I guess it is still better to have a 5 year old kid beside you on the freeway than one of those self driving cars.

His sister in California had no idea he ripped off his moms car and was quite shocked when she heard the news. Of course we can’t give out any names in this matter because junior hasn’t even hit school age yet. Apparently games like Gran Theft Auto and the like use the Lamborghini in their auto chases. It seems like this junior juvenile delinquent is lucky to be alive as the police pulled him over for swerving all over the freeway.

Every thing ended well and nobody got hurt so this had a happy ending. As far as charges go, the midget maniac will probably be confined to driving a pedal pusher for the foreseeable future… Now I don’t know if the cop was looking for illegal drugs but I think he got the shock of his life when he peeped in the window.

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