Silver Price Explodes Should you buy silver now

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In these unprecedented times of uncertainty more and more people are turning to gold and silver as safety. Today silver price explodes should you buy silver now? This is the question and the answer is yes before it rises too high. So how high is too high? Only your wallet can answer that question.

Silver is moving as I type these words. And it is moving fast. There are a lot of reasons for the sudden interest in silver. As China starts to regain some of it’s manufacturing power silver will be needed. Solar panels are on the rise to avert climatic catastrophe in the future. Silver is going to be needed in the electrical components of solar and other electric devices moving ahead. Investment demand around the globe is starting to look at silver as the next big thing. The perfect storm to power the price of silver to heights never seen before.

Silver as an Investment

As far as silver as an investment goes you could be looking at one of the best investments in the world today. Stock markets are bubbling and quite frankly down right scary as corporations buy back stocks with free money. When this free money dries up I am afraid the stock market darlings will teeter and totter. The Feds have screamed to the masses that the printing presses will roll. Unlimited money printing is definitely a plus for gold and silver. If anything at least your hard earned money won’t depreciate into oblivion.

Fear and uncertainty drive precious metals also. Who want’s to lose their life savings in the stock market or a crashing real estate market? No one I know of so these masses will be putting a percentage of their fortunes into gold and silver will follow. Silver is also the poor mans gold. Let’s face it when gold hit’s 5000 an ounce not to many of us will be buying. On the other hand silver at 20 bucks an ounce today is a no brainer.

Silver Price Explodes Should you buy silver now

Silver Stocks

There are many ways to invest in silver. An easy way is to buy yourself some silver stocks. Right now Canadian silver companies are cheap. The Canadian dollar is weak and the TSX has a few good silver mines that can be bought at a great price. Upside potential is high and risk potential is low. Now I could give you a couple of names but if you just google Canadian Silver mines and do a little research and make up your own mind. There are always risks in any investment but silver is only a third of it’s way back to it’s last two highs. These highs were way back in the 80s when 50 bucks bought you a lot.

Silvers charts have formed a double top and are now on the move to a new high. When the 50 dollar an ounce mark get’s broken this time that will be the new bottom. Silver could power to heights that will take people by complete surprise. We are looking at a tiny market here and it would not take much investment to power this market up, up and away. Protect your money with precious metals and especially silver. Right now it has only begun to play catch up with gold and gold’s bull market has just begun. Bull markets in precious meta’s run for years and sometimes a decade.

Silvers new Role the the Green Rush

The sudden surge of the silver price around the world has everyone wondering why. Billions of dollars are being printed in the Euro Zone and a huge percentage of this money is going into the green rush. What this means fore silver going forward is more demand in the industrial sectors at a time when supply is limited. As the world turns to green technology silver is rising as the darling investment.

Going forward as the supply of silver is bought up silver prices will rise. Supply and demand is the key and silver is going to have a double hit for demand. Investors are pouring into silver and industry is buying it up at these low prices for the green rush ahead. Did you know that silver is the best conductor of electricity. One reason it will be in high demand. Also the rarest thing about silver is it’s thousands of years of history as a monetary use. Second only to gold silver is surging as a no 1 place to run to for investors as the printing presses shower down paper money on the world.

Take Action before it’s too late

The time to take action in the silver market is now. Prices are not going lower. Sure there might be corrections along the way in this booming sector of the precious metals. There always is in a bull market. Dips will be short lived and bought by the big money around the globe. You should just climb aboard the silver train and hang on until you get to the end of the line. You will know this when people on the street are all telling you they just bought up some silver coins. We have a long train ride ahead.

The best way to get involved of course is good silver stocks but also buying the legal tender silver coins from around the world is a play. These coins are going to become so scarce there prices will soar. Only so many of these coins are being made and they are being bought as fast as there made. Easy to store and very cheap compared to gold. But, this will not last. It is only a matter of time when these coins are going to explode in value. As a matter of fact they have already doubled in just a few short months. Not a bad play in a time of trouble.

Take action and get involved today. Protect your wealth.

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