Corona Virus hits new Milestone with over 800000 Deaths

It sure looks like the Covid 19 epidemic is not going away any time soon. The world hit a grim Corona Virus milestone Saturday with 800,000 confirmed deaths and close to 23 million confirmed cases. Corona Virus hits new Milestone with over 800000 Deaths is the new news raging across the internet..

That is getting close to one million people dead. Things don’t look like they are getting better as the case across the world are ramping up again. In Canada where I live, BC in particular new cases are on the rise. Just today there was 90 new cases and 2 deaths. New laws are being put into place with big fines when people gather in large crowds. Will this deter the populous.

School is going back and Parents are Worried

Soon school will be heading back and the parent’s are concerned. The old rule of thumb in the schools is when one get’s ill we all get ill. Flu season is also just around the corner. Can you imagine if you get hit with the flu and then the Covid 19 or visa versa. It is going to be a nightmare my friends and even if a vaccine is found tomorrow it ain’t going to do much.

The majority of parents and Canadians overall appear to want children to go back to class in the fall. But they are worried there are not enough health and safety measures in place to ensure students do not get infected with COVID-19, according to a new poll. Being a very nasty virus it could spread quickly through the schools. All over the world the virus is starting to re-emerge. Countries like South Korea who thought they had it beat are back on the defensive as new cases surge.

All it will take is a outbreak in a few schools and the whole education system might be shut down. This could be an economic disaster for business and governments.

Most People will only have mild Symptoms

So most people will just get mild symptoms and just go into self quarantine on their own. No big deal right? Now what happens if this thing mutates and grows more deadly. I mean who know’s right? Is it really worth taking the risk of even one young life. Hardly but what is the alternatives. The whole world would have to be shut down again which very well might happen. Already governments are questioning which would be better.

Take the risks and let it run or implode the world into depression. Hardly a good choice either way. It is truly amazing how this virus can get out of control so quickly. One day the virus is being whipped and the next day it is raging out of control again. It seems China has gotten it beat but do they. You can’t really trust anything you hear over there so who knows. No matter what the remedy this thing is going to be with us for awhile and the deaths will keep rising. Stay safe.