Covid 19 Cases Double in BC at end of July

Things are starting to look a little unnerving for the Covid 19 fight in BC. For the last few months the battle was fought well. People were paying great heed to the warnings. Mask’s were being worn and rules were being followed. However Covid 19 cases double in BC at end of July. This is not good news.

Summer is quickly gearing down and Flu season is quickly approaching. Every where you go in BC people are interacting on the streets and in the parks and beaches. It seems the clubs, bars and restaurants are starting to get the impact and new cases are starting to arise. People might think the battle was won here in BC but warnings are all around us how dangerous this virus is. Deaths are rising at an alarming rate all around the world and BC could be next.

Flu Season and Covid 19

So far there is no scientific evidence that a cold or the flu are going to make the chances of getting Covid 19 worse. One thing for sure is that the viruses are similar in that you get it through breathing, couching and contaminated surfaces. Sound familar? Yes that is how we get a cold and flu so the up and coming fall and winter cold season could be bad. It seems like the summer months didn’t do to much to stem the virus. This means that when more and more indoor activity starts in the fall and winter the virus could explode.

Of course no one knows for certain what is going to happen. I mean they still haven’t found a cure for the common cold. In the meantime it is wise to stay in protective mode and wash regularly and stay apart from others. There is no end in sight for this epidemic yet and this coming flu season could kill thousands. Maybe people will start to get the message when people all around them are dying and the hospitals are over whelmed.

Canada about to OK Vaccines

It seems like the big pharmaceutical companies are on the brink of discovering a cure. Although the vaccine is still in test mode Canada is going to start using it on Covid 19 patients. Personally I think this is a dangerous idea. What happens if their are unknowns like side effects. Maybe it is just my paranoia but I believe a vaccine should be fully tested before it is unleashed on the world. Of course if you are going to die anyways what does it matter right!

Trump is using an unknown cure and he seems to be doing pretty good for a maskless politician. Even his trusted aides have contacted the virus but Trump still remains intact. Does he know something that we do not? It is safe to say that a vaccine for the super rich has been around for awhile and they are using it. After all isn’t Trump in bed with the big pharmaceuticals that have working on these cures.

The World is Changing

The federal government is partnering with biopharmaceutical and biotechnology giants Pfizer and Moderna to help secure millions of vaccine doses to be ready for distribution across Canada in 2021. Now this is a long way off as of this article. They don’t say exactly what dates they are going to start vaccinating or even if it works. Yikes, it could take years for this nasty virus to completely be gone. Until then how are we going to live? Are schools and sports going to be affected? Sure as shooting as they say in Texas and I will tell you why?

When an outbreak happens in a school that school will be shut down. There will be random breakouts all around the globe in schools when they reopen. This is going to impact the economy as people shuffle to and fro trying to deal with the disruptions. And what about all the workers involved with schooling? Already they are in fear for their lives and a lot of teachers are taking early retirement. Let’s look at the millions of parents’ teachers, students and workers who will be at risk. No amount of prevention will stop this risk of new infections.

Now what about other mass gatherings like schools. What about the travel industry such as cruises and resorts? If it is going to take years to get this virus under control the worlds economy is about to take a nose dive. We as a world will never be the same again. Bob Dylan sang it best. The times they are a changing.

BC reports 149 new Cases of Covid 19

BC has been doing one of the best jobs in the country at combating the virus. But, and a big But is there were 149 new cases just reported! This nasty virus is not going away and we are fast approaching the flu and bug season of Fall and Winter. Maybe a virus with no cure and spreads through sneezes and coughing could explode. What happens when you get a nasty sneeze and cough through a cold and Flu and also contact Covid 19? Good question and one worth looking at.

With tens of thousands if not millions catching a cold. Coughing and sneezing in our schools, buses, Bars, sidewalks and stores the virus bug of Covid 19 will be having an ideal environment to spread. And spread it will with lighting speed. Not only that it will bring about a new lock down scenario and maybe even martial type law to keep order. What about supplies of certain items such as food? Yes our North American food supply could be at jeopardy. Especially during the Winter months when farms are not producing.

Yes indeedy, this is a whole new world we are entering and when the government stimulus ends or at least slows the true impact will hit us. Stock up on enough canned goods and other items such as rice to get you through. Wear a mask, keep your social distancing and keep your cupboards full if possible of healthy food. Less trips outside in Winter to the stores and the safer you will be….

God keep you safe