BC NDP Election Fiasco Vote is coming in October

So the NDP party of BC has sprung an early election on BC Voters. Already there is enough turmoil in the province what with kids going back to school and Covid cases on the rise. Do we really need an election right now and why, is the big question. I don’t want to rant and rave about the goods and bads of our political leaders. They got enough on there shoulders I am sure. One thing I would like to say though is Answer me this Premier.

Where is all the affordable housing your promised. What about the free or low cost day care for all. All I see is a housing fiasco and homeless people are taking over the parks. One thing for sure there is tons of high paying government jobs everywhere. You can’t turn a corner and there fixing a pot hole. Six guys making 50 bucks an hour and 5 of them leaning on a shovel or looking in a hole. These retards almost brought the construction industry to a standstill with higher taxes and tougher building laws.

I mean I am only a long time BC Redneck who likes to camp and do a little fishing and enjoy life. Who knew that the NDP was going to crash the poor as well as the riches pocket books. Please let me know in the comments if the New Dummy Party as I like to call them has done anything constructive.

NDP of Old

Who remembers the NDP of old. Way back in the 70s they were building tons on cheap housing. I think they were called Ahops. These houses looks like shacks ready to fall down today but hey back then you could get one cheap. Compliments of our favorite socialists. Maybe I am ranting and raving but it seems like every time these idiots get in the Province collapses. Wasn’t it there idea to take over the insurance industry just like a good commy would. Look at the ICBC structure today. They are losing millions if not on the way to billions every year. If you have ever been down to one of there million dollars centers with 80 thousand dollar year employees everywhere you get the picture.

When’s the last time you got in an accident and had to deal with these socialist morons. You probably will die of hunger before you get the chump change they are about to offer you. If you refuse too bad, you cannot sue it is against the commy rule of BC.

These idiots gotta go before it is too late. Another term in office of I don’t know how many years will destroy BC. The liberals luckily set up new tax laws for business to come to Vancouver but will this last. If the NDP get voted back in you can be sure they will be implementing sky high taxes on new business. Luckily deals were already struck for some and they have lengthly contracts. What about new business? Socialist do not like the rich and want what they got to support the homeless and the poor.

Let us not forget without big money moving into BC for business and construction the province will roll over in a heartbeat. Think twice this coming election and let’s vote these idiots out before it’s too late. We need a liberal government to develop trade and bring business to BC. Also we need to take off the idiotic taxes to spur spending. Taxes are not good for the economy. Especially taxing every body to the extreme in BC where it already costs every working cent you make just to live. You need to vote. Go online and order your vote from home ballot.