Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution By Nov 1 Is it Possible

U.S. centers for Disease Control and Prevention has told states to get ready to distribute a potential vaccine against coronavirus. US media is reporting a vaccine could be available for mass distribution as soon as Nov 1 just in time for the presidential elections. Seems like quite the coincidence if you ask me. Every one knows it is only a matter of time before a vaccine is introduced to combat this nasty virus. So far unfortunately there is no proven cure so maybe these vaccines coming into the market place just could be smoke and whistles for the election.

The federal health agency is also reportedly asking health officials in all 50 states to get rid of the red tape. There is much red tape when it comes to untested vaccines for a very good reason. Side effects over history from certain cures has caused more damage than the actual sickness. I don’t want to bring back sordid memories of bird defect and other horrors from past untested cures. It does raise a lot of concern if red tape is lifted and an untested vaccine allowed to be distributed.

President Donald Trump in a hurry 

“For the purpose of initial planning, CDC provided states with certain planning assumptions as they work on state specific plans for vaccine distribution, including possibly having limited quantities of vaccines in October and November,” Reuters quoted a CDC spokeswoman as saying.

As per a New York Times report, CDC is preparing for at least one COVID-19 vaccine for distribution in limited quantities by the end of October.

As multiple companies are in a race to bring out their vaccine against coronavirus, President Donald Trump is said to be in a hurry to roll out one for certain groups before it has been fully tested to take advantage from it in the election.

U.S. voters go to the polls on November 3.

Health experts have already expressed concerns over rushing through a vaccine with safety compromised.

Top Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer accused the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration of yielding to “political interference from the Trump Administration (which) as impacted the agencies’ work in response to Covid-19.”