Trump wont transfer power after Election Day

It looks like the US president will not give up his throne even if he loses his election. Trump wont transfer power after election day even if he loses the election. Words from his own mouth. What is going on with them Yankees? Could you just imagine if Trudeau wouldn’t hand over his throne if he got the boot. First thing that would happen is the house of commons would cut off his cleaning services.

Every day you have a wider division both North and South of the border. There seems to be a rising anti government movement rising everywhere. Are people just disgruntled because they got no jobs or the ones they do have don’t pay enough to live on? Maybe so. Another wave that seems to be crashing through the social oceans is the end of Capitalism and Democracy. Socialism seems to be rising. Everyone want’s a free lunch and are demanding or at least asking for more bailouts both domestic and business.

We all know nobody get’s a free lunch and even if their is a universal helicopter dumping of cash. A price will be paid. When you don’t produce nothing you ain’t going to get nothing back. Borrowing a bunch of cash from the printing presses and handing it out only spells big trouble ahead.

Threats from the President

(CNN)President Donald Trump on Wednesday would not commit to providing a peaceful transition of power after Election Day, lending further fuel to concerns he may not relinquish his office should he lose in November.

You heard that right folks. Words right out of the mouth of the pres recorded by CNN.

So what is going to happen if he loses and wont give up his chair. Are tanks going to roll into the White House and guard him. Maybe a democratic army will arrive and put him in irons. I mean this goes on down in South America when they have a revolt. Revolutionaries storm the government and string up the leaders. Is this about to happen down south to our american neighbors.

American Revolution

Is an american revolution about to take hold. Look around at some of these major cities. Riots in Seattle is a good example. Troops stormed into the city to quell the rioting masses. Could this be the canary in the good old coal mine telling us their is trouble ahead. Good thing we got the borders closed. Manufacturing was down again today in the reports which doesn’t bode well for the job market. Most people in the states work in the services. When people don’t spend these jobs get chopped. What is the most scariest thing is the people who work at these jobs have nowhere to go to get another one.

Congress is in a big mess and no bail outs for these people is coming anytime before the election. What this mean is this election that is about to unfold is going to go down in the record books as one of the most violent american stories. Riots at the polling stations is quite likely. I am sure both sides will be offering the people a rainstorm of dollars bills falling from the skies. What will happen with chaos in Washington? None of these promises will get fulfilled for one thing. More riots which will become even more violent are sure to break out in the inner cities down south.