Homeless Crisis is Spreading across North America

The homeless crisis is getting out of control. Everywhere you look you can see the homeless crisis is spreading across North America. From the west coast of Canada to the golden state of Florida. Tent cities are popping up in all the major cities and food shortages are everywhere. According to WPEC channel 12 West Palm Beach, the current Florida homeless population is 43,000. They also reported the Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast homeless population is currently 5,000.

When you look up North to the west coast the statistics are also alarming. Vancouver Canada for example has an entire park in the Strathcona area taken over by the homeless. Total Number of Individuals Experiencing Homelessness . On March 3rd/4th 2020, 3,634 individuals were identified as experiencing homelessness in Metro Vancouver. Since March the homeless problem has become much worse. No one really knows the numbers but for certain they are growing daily. Although not as bad as our southern neighbors the problem is growing in Vancouver and getting worse every day.

Tent City

What is causing so much Homelessness

It is quite obvious as to what is causing this surge in the homeless populations of North America. Obviously the Covid outbreak had a lot to do with it with people losing their jobs. Many of these people were living pay check to pay check and getting laid off meant losing their homes. Stimulus checks helped buy many stopped paying rents and got evicted. It should be of no surprise that the out of control housing prices is the main factor. Rent prices across North America are in a massive bubble and the simple fact is no one can pay these high rents. When you have a minimum wage job and the price for a one bedroom is over a thousand a month “ouch”.

It doesn’t take rocket science to come to the conclusion that the sky rocketing price of housing is causing this problem. As John Lennon once said and I quote. There are no such things as problems, only solutions. So it is quite obvious what the solution is. Build housing for the poor. Now I am not talking about the government attempt at housing the poor in tenements as they tried in the past. This just led led to an Escape from New York scenario. Gangs and crime took over and people live in fear. With nowhere to go there was no escape from the violence.

So what would the housing answer be now then. If small tiny shelter houses were built they would have to be concentrated in one area. This would lead to the same problems as in the past fiasco. Concentrating the outcasts of society into one area would at least contain the problem. Still the high crime and violence that segregation breeds would still be there. At least control could be implemented but then the occupants might just up and leave not wanting rules. No one likes to be told how to live so I do not know how housing the homeless would work.

Most of the homeless want to be living on the streets because they are free to do what they please. Drugs are a big issue and being given a government sponsored tiny home or other residence would come with rules.

What is the answer to Homelessness

There certainly no easy answer to the problems of being not able to afford proper housing. One could always identify a homeless person and designate them a homeless wage. Simply put if you are homeless you will be paid. In order to be paid you would have to move to one of the land areas purchased by the government. These land areas would have hundreds of tiny houses set up on them. Maybe even small trailers much like the army might use. There would be rules and regulations to abide by just like any society. All capable individuals that could work would be put to work cleaning the area and doing landscaping and improvement work.

This is called dignity. Even if someone was assigned a small job to do once a week. Small things like being the tree trimmer, the grass cutter, the litter picker upper, handyman. You are probably wondering where the land will come from? Well the government owns a lot of land. We the people are the government so the land belongs to us. Donate some of this land back to the people called the homeless. Volunteers and charities can help in the building of tiny homes and manufactured homes. Donations from the public. Wouldn’t you donate to help get that homeless guy off your street, I know I would. Last of all, Acton.

Governments need to take Action

Most of all governments need to take action today. Not tomorrow. Before the situation get’s completely out of control the Provinces and States and Federal governments need a plan of action. The first action would be to designate large tracts of land to the homeless. Much like the homesteading laws of yore. Develop and put in place tiny housed on this land. Set up a universal income plan for the homeless. Finance these projects through donations, charities, taxes and any other means one can device.

Let them self govern. Once these homeless oasis’s are build let the people there govern themselves. Rules like vote for their own mayors. Maybe have their own security and watch so crime doesn’t grow. Do not tolerate any violence or one will be removed immediately. You kind of get the drift, law and order must be maintained or you would be put out on the streets from where you came. Who wouldn’t want their own house with an income to boot. Wouldn’t that give one incentive to quit the drugs or maybe stop that stealing!


Whatever the problem is we need a solution to solve it. This particular problem will get worse if not corralled. Diseases caused by living in a tent with no proper hygiene is something that will affect us all. In this day and age with deadly new viruses breaking out every year the risk is real. Some deadly new virus could break out in one of these tent cities and spread rapidly throughout our cities making Covid look like a mild cold.

We need to take action now to solve this problem.