Canada at the Front of the Line according to vaccine maker Moderna

Well I don’t know what all the political hullabaloo is. Canada at the front of the line according to vaccine maker Moderna. Now the problem is going to be trying to get people to take it. All across the nation people are becoming more nervous about being the first one to get the shot’s. All through history there has been failures and sometimes some serious side effects of so called cures. Will this time be different with a rushed vaccine? According to the science guys who know there stuff the answer is yes. New vaccines will be safe for the simple fact that scientists have been working on similar ones for years.

All these years of study and developing vaccines will help in the development of the Covid cure. While SARS-CoV-2 is a relatively new pathogen, there are many other types of corona-viruses that are endemic in humans and can cause the “common cold” and pneumonia. These corona-viruses share some genetic sequences with SARS-CoV-2. It seems odd in this day and age there is no cure for the common cold a relative of Covid 19. So what is this telling us? Maybe there will never be a cure for Covid only a kind of helper. Much like an aspirin can help you with aches and pains of a cold.

Even though we can learn to live with cold and flues and yes even pneumonia the future just might be learning to live with the Covid 19 killer. Maybe a vaccine might stave off the worst symptoms and beef up the immune system. Much like anti- biotics can help with pneumonia a proven vaccine might help with the Covid. Anything is better than ending up in the IC unit not being able to breathe.

Living in the Covid Future

It just might be that the restrictions put in place to prevent the dreaded Covid could be with us for a very long time. Just like a cold you can build up your immune system to fight it but you are still going to get it. Now this could be very bad news for us Zoomers who are getting older by the day. Soon we will all be in the sweet spot of vulnerability. There has never been a better time to start looking into preventive measures. Much like your car that you take in for maintenance it is time to start treating your health in the same way.

I am no doctor but chewing on some vitamins just might save your life. How many times have you heard that good old Vitamin C can help you keep the cold bug away. If the cold is in the same family as Covid then I am sure a few Vitamin C tablets aren’t going to do you any harm. Might even fight off that full impact and beef up the immune system. One thing for sure the human body is a pretty tough machine and can fight off most sicknesses with natural healers. When the vaccine does hit the streets it’s probably a good idea to get some. Of course that’s just my view and so far in life I only took one flu shot. This flu shot get me horrible spasms going up and down my back. Terrible pain. Never took another flu shot again.

I don’t know it the flu shot caused it or it was just circumstance. Personally I hate needles and I hate people sticking needles into me with stuff I know nothing about even more. Flu has been with us more many years and has killed countless lives. Will the Covid 19 be like the flu and become a yearly killer. Obviously when Fall came the cases spiked and looks like they will spike through winter. Does this sound familiar? It sure sounds a lot like it’s cousins so it is likely to be with us for a very long time.

What is the best prevention for Cold and Flu

CBD Oils are coming to Canada Start a Free Business
CBD Oils are coming to Canada Start a Free Business

Most secrets to good health aren’t secrets at all, but common sense. For example, you should avoid contact with bacteria and viruses at school and work. But a whole host of other feel-good solutions can help you live healthier while avoiding that runny nose or sore throat. Here are 12 tips for preventing colds and the flu and hopefully the dreaded Covid 19.

It looks like Masks are going to be with us for awhile. Who knows maybe this is one of the reasons that Muslim woman wear masks. Could just be. Helps with passing around germs from people to people. So Germs! This should be your number 1 concern. Keep them nasty germs off you and don’t pass yours around. Get a germ destroyer and use it daily. Spray down your world in sanitizer. Just pray your not allergic to the chemicals.

Ok what should number 2 preventative be. Well I would say get yourself some vitamins. D and C are supposed to be good for kicking the cold and flu ass so get some.

If you can’t afford vitamins then go to number 3 which is fruit and veggies.

Number 4 is kinda important. Stay away from sick people and if their sneezing, Run.

The rest is quite simple, exercise regularly to stay in shape and get your shot’s. You give your pet’s their shot so you should be getting one too. Try and stay as healthy as possible. Cut back on the booze and put the ciggy’s away. This will help a lot. You know the drill. Get with it and stay focused. And hey if I recognize you walking down the street with your mask on I will give you a thumbs up. One more thing when the shot does come to town. Get it. It will be safe and a lot better than going to the ER.


stay safe