Canada Covid 19 Pandemic and the Surge in Homelessness

 Recovery for All plan can end homelessness in Canada by 2030 while saving Canadians $18 billion. Canada Covid 19 Pandemic and the Surge in Homelessness calls for a plan. The plan would ensure housing for all those currently experiencing homelessness and preventing homelessness for over 300,000 households. Covid 19 has put hundreds of thousands of families at risk of losing their homes according to the study.

Tackling poverty is key to preventing homelessness. A national guaranteed minimum income will ensure those in greatest need have minimum financial resources to help them meet their basic needs. This would prevent homelessness when times are tough. A guaranteed minimum income should be built on the following principles. Build all poor Canadians a place to live. Give them all some money each month.

Homelessness Plan

A Federal commitment to the prevention and elimination of homelessness. This seems to me highly unlikely with the Fed deeply in the red and plans to go deeper. Already Canada is quickly approaching the trillion dollar debt line. Expanded federal investment in community-based homelessness responses seems unlikely any time soon. Pandemic blues and economic fallout could be with us for years. It seems like the homeless are last on the list of the governments priorities.

How then to fund a homelessness plan in a pandemic. This so called recovery plan calls for millions if not billions of dollars invested in housing and support for the poor. A universal income for all. Now i believe in the universal right to have a place to live. Ever since time began man has been searching for shelter. Living in caves and shelters made from animal hides. Living by his wits and day by day to survive. No one was there to help him along. Only God was there to provide. It certainly looks like we might need God again to intervene.

Organizatons have been suffering

Organizations like Covenant House help young people who have lost their income during the pandemic. Unfortunately the pandemic has also hit these charities hard. They rely heavily on donations to help Canada’s young people who are struggling to keep off the streets. Many of these young people were working in businesses that have been shut down or have cut back their staff. Where is the government now? Well they cut them a check and helped them pay their rent but this is expiring, expired or is about to. The government of Canada is going to make an announcement today on further help for this vulnerable section. Hundreds of thousands of young people are at risk.

It looks like the pandemic is hitting the most vulnerable of society. Canadian’s with well paying jobs and real estate and stock holdings are just getting richer. Not the poor. They are getting hit the hardest and soon we could have an epidemic of homelessness if action from the government is not quickly implemented. This should mean funding for our most needed charities in Canada and funding income implemented now for our youth until this pandemic is over.

How you can help fight Youth Homelessness

Your gift today will be triple matched to help three times as many youth

Canada Covid 19 Pandemic and the Surge in Homelessness Action Plan to prevent Canada's homeless by 2030

You can provide young people with the support they need to show them that you believe in them, every step of the way. When you make a donation today, you send a message to young people; you tell them that they have so much to offer the world. That you believe in the power of compassion to transform the life of a fellow human being.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have generously donated an additional $250,000 towards our Matching Campaign meaning that, alongside the 3 previous anonymous donors’ gifts, the total match for the campaign is now $375,000!

Now more than ever, you have a special opportunity to be the driving force of hope and love for a young person trying to overcome the challenges of homelessness.

Any gift made before December 31st (up to $375,000) will be matched for three times the impact:

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And it’s all thanks to Blake, Ryan, and our other donors who believe so strongly in the immeasurable value of these young people.

Thank you for providing love and hope to homeless young people in Vancouver.

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