Trump gives Biden the Green Light Should Canada Care

Well it looks like Trump is finally getting the boot from the big oval office. Trump gives Biden the green light should Canada care. Maybe we should be worried as the pipe lines might once again come under scrutiny. Should we build it should we stop it has been a question for years. Naturally Alberta is going to take a big hit in more lost jobs and less oil to our southern friends.

Once the current crisis has been retained oil will once again be needed around the world. Green is going to be Bidens priority but oil is not going away anytime soon. If the new regime shuts down or at least slows down fracking in the states oil prices will surge. Also Canada has just struck an Asian and a United Trade deal. Good on you Trudeau, your getting a few things right and this is going to take a big load of our reliance for the Yanks. As well we should.

Another important thing to remember is Canada is among the world leads in new technology for the green movement. As the Americans transform into a more cleaner way of living Canadian green companies will boom. One other issue that will drive Canadian exports to the states will be Biden’s infrastructure goals. Commodity prices will surge as more demand for our metals will be sought after.

Trump wont transfer power after Election Day
Trump transferring Power

Canada in a Biden World

Canada should fair quite well in a Biden world even if he does shut down Keystone. Trade should improve and with an improving economy in the states tourism will come back in a huge way. Americans that live along the border will surge back into Canada with their high flying dollar. This will result in a massive surge in retail sales for Canadian retailers of all kinds. From East to West the borders will reopen and when they do the Yanks will invade. With wallets stuffed full of cash the Canadian economy will soar.

Also an important thing to realize and understand is the non immigration stance just might be lessened down south. Canada realizes that immigration is important for economic growth. With millions of new immigrants coming to Canada over the decade Biden just might get on the band wagon. All in all the world just might be a more stable place to live and world war a little less of a threat. One can at least hope anyway for a greener and safer world to leave our children.

Canada in a Biden World

All in all the world in Canada’s view anyway just might be a better place once Biden takes the helm. We can all hope at least things might start changing for the better in 2021. Once the reigns of power have shifted the drama just might stop and the sleeves just might get rolled up. Time to get to work on the issues at hand.