Working from Home is the New Reality in Canada

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The Pandemic keeps raging in Canada and seems only to be getting worse. It seems that working from home is the new reality in Canada and just maybe around the world. So what is the average Baby Boomer who is working at the local Walmart supposed to do. Jobs are getting trimmed for part time retirees because online shopping is booming.

Most retirees these days are internet savvy so the idea of starting your own home business is becoming popular. Of course you don’t get any benefits or interaction with fellow workers. This is a problem because many retirees work to keep a social life. As you leave your life long job and retire it is important to stay active and social. Clearly the pandemic has effected social interacting and also part time jobs for seniors. If you do find yourself stuck at home because of job loss a work at home job could be worth looking at. You can keep yourself busy, learn new things, give up your car to save money and a ton of other perks.

How to Find a Work at Home Job

Lets look at a few work at home jobs that are free or at least cheap and affordable to do. You might have to learn a little about internet marketing but once you do you are well on your way. A really good course that will show you how to market online is IM Digital Training This Program covers everything you will ever need to know about Internet Marketing. Learn how to become a Pro.

Internet Marketing is like anything in life. Once you learn it’s secret’s you can make money online. All you need is a good program to join that will make you great commissions. There are a truck load of programs online so trying to decide which one to join could be challenging. Let’s look at a few areas which are quite popular and easy to do. Home Businesses like Health Care are very popular right now. Another is automated income programs. Programs like this are very lucrative and you can make a ton of money once you learn how to do internet marketing. My advice would be to take some of the courses at IM Digital Training first.

Get a Free Home Business selling Health Care Products and CBD Oil

The Company is called Chew the Fat Off. This company is one of the only companies online you can join and make commissions free. You don’t have to buy anything to become an associate. Let’s face it everyone these days is looking for products to keep healthy. One of the great things about CTFO is they are now selling CBD Oils. These products are quickly becoming one of North America’s most sought after home remedies. They can help with many ailments from arthritis to hair loss.

Not only that you can build a team and make money off their product sales. This is a very lucrative company which is expanding across the world. It will not cost you one red cent to start this business from home and start making money. Learn more about this up and coming industry by clicking on the banner below. Take a look at their products and check out the opportunity. Not only can you sell these products online you can sell them locally in your town or city. There are a ton of marketing tools which you can get including kits to show your neighbors. From weight loss to stopping pain this company has the best products you will find anywhere. They also pay the best commissions. Well worth taking a look at Chew the Fat Off.

CBD Oils are coming to Canada Start a Free Business
CBD Oils are coming to Canada Start a Free Business

Work at Home with Income Programs

Maybe one of the best ways to make money online is with income programs. You can make a lot of money promoting these if you do it in the right way. This is why it is important for you to take training with Digital Marketing training. Once you learn the marketing procedures you can start promoting. One of the best income programs online is a program called Club Monster Mode. A program you can join and get high paying multiple income programs all built in. Monster Mode is a separate program from Club Monster Mode. Once you join the Free Club you will learn how to promote the income programs.

Club Monster Mode comes with a ton of marketing tools all free. They work very well to promote the Monster Mode Income program. If someone joins the Club for free and decides to join one of the income programs in the Monster Mode you make a commission. And I might add the commissions are huge. You can make hundreds of dollars in just one transaction. A very awesome program from the Warrior people.

You really should check this one out. It’s free to join the Club and take a look at the power behind this income system. Like I said before I highly recommend you take a couple of the Digital Marketing programs above first. Like anything in life once you learn the tricks it is a lot easier to starting being a pro. Check out the Club Monster Mode below. A great work at home program.

Club Monster Mode
Club Monster Mode

Work at Home Selling Legal Tender Silver Coins

Quick Silver Home Business is an awesome work at home opportunity. This program cost’s about ten dollars a month to own. That’s not a bad deal when you think about it to have your own home business selling precious metals. Everyone like’s collecting and collecting silver is popular all around the world. Especially these day’s of uncertainty we are living in.

You will be selling coins like Silver Maples from Canada and Silver Eagles from the U.S. These coins are very popular and quite competitive in price with other dealers. QuickSilver also comes with a ton of great marketing tools which enables you to sell coins locally as well as online. Get your own business cards as a precious metals dealer. Did I mention the commissions are paid right away and in American dollars. If your a Canadian this really beefs up your profits. I am a Canadian and getting paid in American money is like getting a 30% bonus. Personally I think this industry will just keep getting hotter as the central banks around the world keep printing.

Did I mention they even give you a free silver bar for just taking a look!

Get a Free Silver Bar
Get a Free Silver Bar


In this crazy world today one should never stop learning. Working from home is going to become the new norm in the aftermath of the pandemic. When one get’s stuck at home it is time to turn off the t.v. and start learning.

Starting an online home business is an option that anyone can do. You don’t need a ton of money or be a computer genius. Anyone can learn to do a home business and promote if free. Check out Advertise Free on the Internet for Free Advertising. Get a free home business and get some free advertising. Let’s do this folks. Take Action today!