Nobody wants Alberta Oil and Canada is Pissed

It seems every time you turn around someone has a sign waving with stop the pipeline written all over it. Every one on the planet is being effected by climate change and are calling green, green, let’s all go green. Now it seems nobody wants Alberta oil and Canada is pissed about it. Biden just said no to the pipeline running into their turf. 1000’s of jobs are at stake and Alberta is not happy.

What’s the big deal anyway’s. Oil from Alberta is a lot greener than it used to be as millions has been invested in cleaning it up. Let’s face the facts here. Green energy is going to take years to implement and even then it will only supply a small percentage. The world is going to need oil for many years to come. Modern technologies will cut carbon emissions over the coming years and reduce the harmful emissions.

Where will the U.S. Get it’s Oil

So if Biden cut’s the pipelines then where are they going to get their oil needs. Fracking of course is still big in the States but Biden is against that too. This only has on conclusion and that is the States will be highly dependent once again on unstable countries to get their energy. Has Biden lost his marbles. I know he want’s to get rid of Trump policies as quick as possible but maybe it’s time to sit down and talk.

Sometimes to get a little clarity about reality and it’s outcomes with bad decisions it pays to have discussion. As companies go into ramp up mode in the U.S. they are going to need a ton of commodities. One of these is going to be a whole lot of oil. You can build a bridge on Solar power. You need a lot of oil to transport materials and also to build those materials. Wake up America before it’s too late. Prices of commodities and most of all oil will only sky rocket in price causing a wave of runaway inflation.

Exactly what does Oil do

Have you ever thought about how important oil really is. Let’s just take a small peek into how important this gooey world changing stuff really is. Black, gooey, greasy oil is the starting material for more than just transportation fuel. It’s also the source of dozens of petrochemicals that companies transform into versatile and valued materials for modern life: gleaming paints, tough and moldable plastics, pesticides, and detergents. Industrial processes produce something like beauty out of the ooze. By breaking the hydrocarbons in oil and natural gas into simpler compounds and then assembling those building blocks, scientists long ago learned to construct molecules of exquisite complexity.

Do you really think Mr Pres that things are going to change overnight? Of course many companies around the world are hard at it inventing ways of taking carbons right back out of the air. Yes siree, they can actually take the carbon in the air and turn it into energy. Amazing stuff I must say. Changing the lifeblood of industrial chemistry from fossil fuels to renewable electricity “will not happen in 1 to 2 years,” says Maximilian Fleischer, chief expert in energy technology at Siemens. Renewable energy is still too scarce and intermittent for now. However, he adds, “It’s a general trend that is accepted by everybody” in the chemical industry.

We still need Oil

Chemists in academia, at startups, and even at industrial giants are testing processes—even prototype plants—that use solar and wind energy, plus air and water, as feedstocks. “We’re turning electrons into chemicals,” says Nicholas Flanders, CEO of one contender, a startup called Opus 12. The company, located in a low-slung office park in Berkeley, has designed a washing machine–size device that uses electricity to convert water and CO2 from the air into fuels and other molecules, with no need for oil. At the other end of the commercial scale is Siemens, the

silver going green
silver going green

manufacturing conglomerate based in Munich, Germany. That company is selling large-scale electrolyzers that use electricity to split water into O2 and hydrogen (H2), which can serve as a fuel or chemical feedstock. Even petroleum companies such as Shell and Chevron are looking for ways to turn renewable power into fuels.

You read that correctly! Big Oil is going to be a leader in bringing in new green technologies and those gooey oil products are going to do it. Biden should know this. Before grabbing the pres pen and slashing and hacking pre thought out agreements because of political rhetoric STOP. Stop and have a deep breath and think a little more clearly on what you are about to do. Don’t cut the life line to the heart of you industries or they will keep over and whither away. Wake up and sit down with Canada, you will need that cheap oil for many more years to come.