Covid rolling average continues to climb in B.C.

Everyone is happy how the Seniors in BC are getting there virus shots and the death rates are falling. One thing that is becoming very troubling is Covid is back on the rise in younger people. Also the Covid rolling average continues to climb in B.C. More and more younger people are starting to get affected. Hospitals are being over run with patients in there 30s and even younger.

Younger people have a tendency to think they are going to liver forever and also they are more social. Being socially active these days could prove deadly until the majority of the population has had their vaccination shot. With the warmer weather quickly approaching more and more younger people will be hitting the beaches and other popular outdoor spots. We could be in for a third wave of the virus come Fall that could prove fatal for many. It seems more younger people do not think they have to get vaccinated because they are already immune. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but this is proving to be not true.

Get your Shots

When the Vaccines do roll out for the general population it is in every ones interest to get their shots. This is more so important for the younger generation. Our only chance is B.C. to beat the third wave that is surely coming is to stop it in it’s tracks with a shot in the arm. Not only will you be saving your own life but you have the opportunity to protect your family and friends. Many younger people think the vaccines are worse than the Virus itself. Let me assure you this is not the case. As I am writing this article young people are in the hospital not being able to breath. Drowning on dry land doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience and you could prevent it so easily by getting your Covid shot ASAP.

In the latest updates Health officials are growing concerned about the number of young people being hospitalized with COVID-19. An increasing number of people in their 30s around the province are being admitted to the hospital, and even the ICU. This is quite alarming news and our younger generation should be taking notice. It is time to get vaccines out for our middle aged and younger populations who tend to socialize more. Also what is quite worrying is B.C.’s provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said the biggest issue is COVID spreading through crowded workplaces and households.

The Covid Battle still Rages

The Covid battle is still raging around the world also which does not bode well for reopening the economies. The Euro Zone is experiencing a third wave which is proving hard to control. Canada has restrictions for travelers that enter our country which should help keep the third wave under control. Bad news is the variants that spread more quickly are already here. Once infected our younger generation could spread this quite rapidly as the warm days approach.

The best advice one could give is to get that vaccine shot. Even if they do have some side effects it is far better than slowing drowning to death at your local hospital. One problem to stop the spread is when is that vaccine going to be available. Every day the news seems to change on when, if and how it will be available in your area. Just last week the virus broke out in my local grocery store. Not good news for people who like to eat. One of the most largest gatherings of the population is at our grocery stores.

Of course they take the highest precautions but now it seems with the new variants this does not seem to be working. So what should we do, stop eating. Well we certainly can’t do that. You can always order your food from Skip the Dishes if you got the deep pockets to pay for it. Not all of us do I am afraid.

As the economy opens up I am quite concerned how the work places are are going to fare. Maybe we should just all stay home in the warm months and start a home business. Anyways the news is not good so get that shot as soon as it arrives in your area and let’s get this Virus under control.

Stay Safe