Grow Your Own Food 365 Days a Year

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Do you want to prepare for the coming food shortages that are soon to be coming to the world! Everywhere you look farmland is turning into fields of dried up straw. Water is flooding some areas of the world and drought is in other areas. Unfortunately a lot of these drought areas are in the major food belts of the world. Other major food belts such as in China for example are being wiped out by too much water. End times are here and famine is coming to the world. Time to prepare yourself by growing your own food.

Did you know that you could grow your own food no matter where you lives. Today’s technology is expanding like never before and grow kit’s can be obtained for pennies with seeds included. You don’t even need an address? Are you living off the grid like many these day’s. You can have a mobile tiny garden right inside your tiny home! Grow your own food as you travel around. How would pulling over into a nice free rest area sound and then whipping up a nice free salad from your own RV garden. Yes anything is possible if you believe.

Led Grow Lights for year round Growing

Like I mentioned before new technologies are getting better every day. Now you can get low power using Led lights to grow your own food year round using very little power. It wasn’t too long ago if you wanted an indoor garden you had to get a high wattage bulb with a full spectrum of light. After all you can’t grow Vegetables with just any old light. You need a grow light.

If you have a good solar setup you can grow your own food anywhere year round for free. Of course you have to put up the money to get started but after that you got free food for life. I was watching this interesting article about the food shortage that is coming. Imagine if certain regions that grew lettuce for example got wiped out due to climate change. Prices for vegetables such as lettuce for example would sky rocket to heights never imagined. You initial investment for a year round solar garden just might pay off. Of course in the deep part of winter when no sun is available you might have to revert to regular power.

If you are completely off the grid your solar might fizzle out so you may try wind power until the sun comes back out. Be creative to keep your food supply at 100% capacity year round. You won’t be sorry when you go to the local grocery store and they have no lettuce for sale. Be prepared and have your own food supply!

Indoor Grow Kits

One of the easiest ways to grow your own food indoors is to invest in a grow kit. For a small one time investment you can get yourself an easy to use hydroponic setup. Plug it in and insert your favorite nutritious vegetables for year round nutrition. Low power usage is the way to go and these great kits all come with low wattage led lights to keep the cost of energy burning low. There is nothing like cutting of some fresh herbs or tomatoes to throw into yummy salad. Got some chickens clucking around? Throw in a couple of boiled eggs and you got yourself a complete meal.

Think of all the money one could save at the grocery store by growing your own veggies fast and easy with a hydroponic growing system.

  • SOIL-FREE CULTIVATION INDOOR GROW KIT: Designed with no soil technology to cultivate the plants; avoid any soil contamination, no heavy metal contamination, no pesticide residue, no antibiotics, non-OMG and non-nitrite. Equipped with 12 planting seed pods which made of Biochar Mud, non-toxic and no soil contamination ensure natural and green planting for you, safer and healthier come pare to other normal sponges. (Seeds and Nutrient solution not included)
  • SMART INDOOR GARDEN KIT: Constructed with an automatic control panel automatically to control ON/OFF of the LED grow light, the lights will automatically turn off after 16 hours of constant use, and will turn back on after 8 hours of rest, setting the perfect light time to help your plants photosynthesis, creating a cycle of 24 hours
  • HIGH EFFICIENT LED GROW LIGHTS: Designed with high effective customized spectrum 22-watt LED Lighting System is tuned to the specific spectrum for plant growing, providing the necessary full spectrum of lights to support indoor gardening plants that maximizes photosynthesis. The unique Dual Growing Mode(Vegetables, Flow&Fruits) only with one touch on the control panel to emit the right blend of light spectrum to fully simulate optimum natural conditions
  • IN-HOME GARDENING SYSTEM ALL YEAR ROUND: Up to 12 plants grown at once, allow you growing fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more with the indoor gardening system, which can grow plants 5 times faster than growing in soil. You can enjoy any hydroponics plants you want in any seasons. Ideal for indoor use, either on the kitchen counter, window or living room
  • BULIT-IN FANS&WATER PUMP: The top of the system holds an air circulation system that mimics the breeze in the nature and makes plants grow more efficiently. No need to hand pollinate. Equipped with a water pump in water tank to circulate and flow the water to make sure that the plant roots get enough nutrients and helps the roots to breathe and grow even faster

Inflation is here to stay

Let’s face the facts. Your pension check is not rising with the cost of inflation. In Canada the cost of housing is becoming unaffordable and there is no relief in sight. Food at your local grocery is only going to go up. Weather patterns around the world are becoming extreme and are threating food crops. Hyper Inflation could be just around the corner and with supply chains clogged could be a lethal blow to food prices. There is hope though. Grow your own food using led lighting powered with solar.

Even if the grid goes down you could have your tiny home garden set up with solar and wind power. Worried about a solar flare and the electrical grid blows. No worries when you are off grid and self sufficient growing your own food at home with alternate energies. Let’s face it with the thousands of electric vehicles coming on stream it is going to be a major strain on the power grid. It is time to prepare ones self and not rely on outside power. Can you imagine if the grid goes down just for a few days and electric trucks cannot deliver your food! This is a high possibility as gas powered delivery vehicles convert to electric. This will drive the price of food so high that only the rich will be able to afford to eat.

Solar Grow Light Strips

For just a small investment you can now get some amazing solar powered grow lights that grow your indoor garden. With a small growing space you can set up an indoor garden and run can grow a year round supply of food. Say goodbye to expensive weekly food bills.

  • Full Spectrum Grow Light Strip: Blue(wavelength: 450nm ~ 465nm): help plants grow, enhance the chloroplasts of activities to promote plant photosynthesis. Red(wavelength: 625nm ~ 660nm): promote plant production.
  • Cuttable Plant Grow Light: When the LED plant grow strip light is too long, with 5cm or its multiple cut to avoid or reduce waste.
  • Easy to Install: Back stickers,using thin strong double-sided adhesive, strong sticky, easy to use, light and beautiful generous.
  • 5 Sizes to Choose: We provide 5 sizes to choose. 60 LEDs per meter. 1.64ft-0.5m-30LED, 3.28ft-1.0m-60LED, 6.56ft-2.0m-120LED, 9.84ft-3.0m-180LED, 16.4ft-5.0m-300LED.
  • Application: Widely use for grow box, grow tent, DIY hydroponics, bonsai, garden, plant tissue culture, vegetable cultivation, seeding, breeding, farmland, spray plant, flowering etc.

Power Grid Crash

With the rise of electric cars and trucks among other things it is going to put a tremendous strain on the power grids around the world. Not only do households rely on electricity so does everything else. Summers are going to be especially bad as temperatures rise and the air conditioners go on. Already the grid is strained and with more and more electric vehicles coming there will be more and more pressure on the grid. Remember it has taken many years to build these electric grids and there will be no over night fix. It is going to be a massive undertaking and you can expect many blackouts coming to a town near you.

When the power grids go down your food supplies will feel the full blunt and be one of the first things to become affected. Agriculture greenhouses need power along with everything else. Food prices will soar to heights never seen before due to climate change, grid outages and supply chain disruptions. There is no solution for a quick fix. Prepare yourself and set up a mini solar garden today. Once the power grid goes down for just a few days your food supply will spoil fast.

I used to think that food preppers were just paranoid bunker diggers who thought the world will come crashing down and chaos will reign. A zombie attack or an invasion from the aliens is likely to come so prepare and store food to survive the apocalypses. Now I am starting to wonder if these preppers just could be the ones who might be right. There is trouble ahead my friends and one way to prepare is to get yourself a Grow Kit Today.

Indoor Herb Garden, Hydroponics Growing System with Height Adjustable LED Grow Light, Smart Garden Planter for Home Kitchen, Automatic Timer Germination Kit for Plants/Vegetables/Fruits