Living Life on the Road and off the Grid

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As inflation surges and your pension checks shrink many seniors across the country are thinking about hitting the road and living off the grid. To those of you who don’t know what off the grid is it is living without paying bills. Of course you will still have some expenses like gas and maintenance unless your living in a tent. Living off the grid mostly means not relying on the local hookups like electricity and gas. You will still need your comforts and connections to the world like a cell phone and a laptop.

After all living off the grid doesn’t mean you have to go back to the cave man days and start wearing buffalo hides. In these days of modern technology one can actually live in the lap of comfort while not paying any rent. Off the grid living to me means no landlords and parking in free zones. All you need is a little investment before hand like a good solar setup and some inexpensive 12 volt accessories. Items like tv’s tiny fridges and many electronics all come in low amp usage and just keep getting better everyday.

Your biggest expense of course will be for your rig you want to live in but believe it or not you can bug out of society easily in a low cost vehicle. Instead of opting for an expensive RV many are choosing to go the minimalist life. What this is is giving up the materialist things in life and just surviving on the basics. A place to sleep, food and water are your three starting points.

How to Plan and Execute Living off the Grid

Life in crowded, urban settlements can be overwhelming when one hit’s his senior years. Crowded stores and congested roads only add stress and anxiety to ones life. We have all dreamed at one time or another of retiring to that desert Island with coconut trees and calming blue waters. With modern day living bringing so much stress into our lives the off grid life sounds more appealing every day.

Sometimes, we wish that we can go somewhere off the grid, where no person can bother us, so we can finally have some peace and calm our minds. If you are reading these words, you probably thought of that too, and you have outlined a plan in your head. You have the idea but you are missing something, you need a plan. Like any great journey in life you should plan and prepare and execute your dream. A little education to start among some basic tools is a good place to start.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because this guide for living off-grid has everything you need to put your plan into motion and to carry it out flawlessly. Other guides you can find on the market are offering vague directions or too complicated instructions, but not this guide.

This guide likes to keep it simple. Every instruction you can find inside is written in a step-by-step manner; it’s easy to follow and even easier to execute. You will learn how to achieve living off the grid (with complete guides on building a shelter, finding water, food, etc.) in no time.

Here is what this unique, living off the grid guide can offer you:

  • Putting an idea in writing – Simple instructions for making a foolproof plan that is guaranteed to succeed
  • Math behind the plan – Find out how to plan all the costs you’ll have when setting up your off-grid sanctuary and to secure the money you need
  • Flawless execution – Discover the easiest way to make your sanctuary as comfortable as you can with guides on securing water, food, power, and heat sources
  • And much more

If you are looking for the easiest way to start living off the grid, you just have to follow the simple strategies and guides found in this book. This way, you’ll fulfill your dream of having a calm and peaceful life in no time.

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Growing your own Food

As I look around the world today it is really hard to believe what’s going on. First of all the weather is completely out of whack all over planet. What this is going to cause my friends is a massive food shortage in the coming years. Things like weather change over long periods. Effects from weather changes which we are seeing today are caused by events from years before. It takes many years for weather patterns to hit extremes and things are only going to escalate. We have not seen the full brunt of all the carbon we have released into the atmosphere. Entire farming belts are about to get wiped off the map which is going to cause major food shortages.

One of the best ways to prevent from running short of food is to grow it yourself. This is what your ancestors did and you can easily do it too. With todays modern technologies you can grow food anywhere easily and this includes off the grid. The best way to grow your own food off grid or in your own back yard or patio for that matter is with tiny green houses. Cheap to build and easy to maintain.

Say you drive out into the mountains somewhere in your tiny home and find yourself a little chunk of paradise. There are many small plots of land out in the country you can pick up and live on. If you are living in your small house, Van or maybe a truck camper your food won’t last long. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to go to grow food is with a home made green house. Nothing fancy just a little plastic and some old dead tree branches laying around is all you need. Tiny green houses a snap to make and will keep you in supply of everything you need to survive if done right.

Survival Gear

One thing you are going to need when you venture out into the unknown is basic survival gear. These things could be as basic as a shovel to dig you out of trouble or dispose of your waste. Just a simple strong reliable little tool which could prove invaluable. This is only one small example of how you should prepare yourself when living off the grid. Living with just the essentials in life instead of being buried with material possessions just might release you and give you the freedom you yearn for. The less possessions you own the more free you will feel.

Having just the basic needs to survive is a good way to go. Survival kits are cheap to buy and don’t take up much room in your tiny house or Camper Van.

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Living without monthly bills

We all dream of it. Retiring and becoming financially free. Even when you pay off that house or that condo you are still stuck with those darn bills. Electricity, gas, taxes, maintenance the list goes on. Just when you thought you are living the good life your realize those bills just keep a coming. God forbid you have a major medical bill! Life is just too short to not take action now. Living off the grid can provide you free living with no bills. Screw em all man just go park that self providing tiny home you built out on the plains or by a lake. Live off the land. Do you know there are hundred’s of wild plants and berries you can eat?

Educate yourself on how to live free. People used to live off the land with no bills for centuries and even thousands of years. Only when man became civilized he developed the debt trap to keep people chained to the labor mill. Society would tumble if not for the debt slaves serving his every need. Scraps off the table to keep you alive and laboring for the man. Free yourself by learning how to survive off the grid. Human beings have done it for thousands of years so why not learn how they did it so you can do it too.