Election Candidates about to Square Off in a Heated Bout

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It looks like the great Canadian election is getting close to the final square off and the odds are close. French and English leaders only have a short time to finish the training and step into the ring. Finals days will be critical and the chances of power shifts are high.

I don’t think I can recall in my recent memories anyway when a candidate running for office got mobbed at the rally. This is not being mobbed in a friendly glad to see you way but a threating harm way meant to intimidate the runner. As Bob Dylan once sang The Times they are a Changing. So what’s up for grabs in this election. I’m not really quite sure but’s let’s do a little investigating.

Biggest Issue is Housing

It seems like the biggest issue in this up and coming soon to be battle will be the red hot Canadian housing market. We all need a place to hang the old ear muffs after all. Immigration is going to play a big role in the supply problems as their is just not enough houses to go round. Promises of building more and aiding first timers will be one of the big promises of Canada’s two main contenders. There is a new party out there called the people party who have a bit of a different approach which I find amusing.

This party want’s to limit immigration. Now a country who is having a birth rate below the level needed to keep the future populated this is not an option. Canada needs new people to keep the country growing it is simple as that. Policy’s like this might work if they could find the sweet spot that was needed for housing control and future progress.

The Problem

Housing has become out of reach for many Canadians, in particular for young families living in big cities. Vancouver and Toronto have become two of the most unaffordable large cities in the world.

Over the past decades, the federal government has spent billions of dollars and created various bureaucratic programs to presumably make housing more affordable, with no results. Among other things, it has manipulated the financial criteria to qualify for mortgages and mortgage insurance, provided tax breaks to first buyers, and funded social housing.

The fundamental problem however is the mismatch between supply of and demand for housing, that Ottawa, the provinces and municipalities are making worse with other policies, in particular mass immigration and zoning restrictions. Yes the issue of housing looks to be high on the list moving forward. Canada as well as the US for that matter have always been a land of immigrants.

Round 1

One thing about politics which I find amusing is that round 1 always starts off with a mighty jab to the opponents faults. In this case of course it is to blame them for the mess we always find ourselves in. The Peoples Party has some crazy ideas on how to fix the mess. You can read there thoughts below and decide for yourselves who is right or wrong.


About 40% of immigrants to Canada end up settling in only two cities, Toronto and Vancouver, where the housing shortage is most acute. The Trudeau government has increased immigration targets from 250,000 per year under the Harper government, to 350,000, and is now planning to increase it to over 400,000. Mass immigration is one of the main reasons for the constantly high level of demand for housing and the exorbitant prices in these cities. Even if a lot more houses were to be built, supply cannot keep up with this level of demand.

Overall inflation has become a major problem in every sector of the economy and is a consequence of inflationary monetary policy – that is, the Bank of Canada printing too much money in order to fund the Trudeau government’s gigantic deficits. This inflationary policy adds to the already overheated conditions in the housing market.


Housing is primarily a provincial or local responsibility. Ottawa’s involvement over the years has only resulted in distorting the housing market. There is nothing the federal government can do to change provincial or municipal zoning laws, but it can stop contributing to the overheating of the housing market in different ways.

A People’s Party government will:

  • Substantially reduce immigration quotas, from about 400k planned by the Liberal government, down to 100k-150k per year. This will help reduce demand for housing and cool down these markets, especially in the large cities where most immigrants settle.
  • Modify the Bank of Canada’s inflation target, from 2% to 0%. This will cool down inflation in all sectors, including housing.
  • Stop funding social housing, which unfairly competes with private developers and has historically been a financial, social and urban planning disaster in every city where it’s become widespread. It is not the government’s role to build and rent apartments. Dependency on government handouts is never the solution.
  • Privatize or dismantle the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), a mammoth government agency that fuels the housing crisis instead of helping to cool it down. All it has ever done is encourage Canadians to buy houses they can’t afford, and accumulate massive amounts of debt that the federal government, and ultimately Canadian taxpayers, will be responsible for.
  • Work with provinces to curb speculation and money laundering by foreign non-resident buyers in Canada’s land and housing markets.

My Thoughts

I would just like to say that during 2020 there wasn’t much immigration going on. Almost none in fact because of the world being shut down and travel restrictions shut down. Which by the way included a lot of immigration. There was probably a lot going on behind the scenes but who knows. Anyways the prices of housing in Canada exploded especially in the highly sought after single housing markets. Immigration had nothing to do with it so stopping inflation or at least lowering it won’t solve this problem.

Obviously you can’t build single family housing in large tracts like they did in the booming days after WW11. There was lot’s of land available back then in Toronto and Vancouver. Fast forward today and you would be hard pressed to find thousands of acres to build thousands of new single detached houses. This leaves only one available option to supply all these new immigrants with housing. High Rises. Yup just like that old comic the Jetsons.

Future populations will be living in self contained towers in the sky. Maybe you might even have your own jet pod sitting outside on the balcony. Self driving cars with built in computers are here already. So why not flying cars that will zoom you in and out of your pods on complete auto pilot. Just pump in your destination and the computer does the rest. Don’t forget your robot handing you your lunch and coffee on the way out.

The Two big Boys Duke it out

Every Canuck knows the two big boys in Canada are the Libs and the Conservatives. Of course the NDP party is getting bigger also. Out here in BC they are in power and have been for a few years. As far as the housing market goes here it totally sucks. Just keeps getting more and more crazy every day. Of course they say that there is ton’s of housing on the way. Try just renting a basement suite somewhere around Vancouver. It’s great if you own a house and have it paid out. You just became a millionaire.

Every one else is out of luck. So just exactly what do the federal NDP have to say about the housing issues.

Making life more affordable for everyday people

Across the country, people are having a harder and harder time keeping up. They keep hearing about the economy doing well for the rich, but they’re not seeing the benefits for their families.

Decades of Liberal and Conservative governments have stripped away the services that made it possible to live a good life. It’s harder to afford a good place to live, to pay for an education, take care of aging parents, and to cover electricity and cell phone bills, prescriptions, and dentist appointments.

But we can make different choices – we can invest in things like health care, affordable housing, and child care. We can tackle the things that are keeping people up at night worrying – and make sure everyone can afford a good

Well well, they are going to put a pumpkin pie and a giant turkey in every ones pot. The bullshit never stops and I am still waiting out here in BC for my turkey. Being a senior in BC is starvation if you are not rich. Even seniors that do own housing are getting hammered by inflation and soaring tax bills. Good job NDP. People that are working in high paying government jobs or Union Trades jobs are raking it in. Shortages everywhere make benefits and overtime a bonanza not seen in years.

What are the Conservatives Promising

The platform details the Conservatives’ plan to “wind down emergency COVID support programs. They are going to beef up tourism with a massive rebate on restaurant food and pop purchases. Also the promise to boost funding to provinces for mental health care, among many other commitments.

All these promises sound like great news. Now I will be able to get a cheap pop as I am off to see the Physiatrist to get my meds. It’s also good to know they are going to create more interest and support for tourism. Canada need’s some tourists that’s for sure.

Now they have a great plan for housing. All foreign investors who want to come to Canada and do some real-estate investing are going to be banned for two years. Am I wrong or was it the locals battling over housing lately and didn’t really have too much to do with the foreigners. Who am I though to stick my two cents in.

So it also seems the blues are going to step in and start paying part of your wages. You will be working for the government. Business will love this because you will have to team up with them. If you don’t you won’t get that job because the feds will be paying part of the wages of that guy they hired. Interesting stuff for sure.

Time to step in the Ring

No sense of going on about the Liberals. We have been living with them for years now and all know the hub. One thing for sure a lot of people got a lot of issues and even today were storming poor Justin. Let’s hear what them Red’s gotta say.

Let’s put Canadians’ health and safety first. Let’s build more homes for the middle class and put a stop to profiteering and unfair speculation. Let’s support women and families and give every child the best possible start with $10 a day child care. Let’s fight climate change and leave a safe and healthy environment for our children and grandchildren. Let’s keep moving forward on real reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. Let’s come together to fight systemic racism. Let’s find the real solutions to the real problems we face. Let’s build a better future that gives everyone a real and fair chance at success.

Alright it’s looks like another turkey in everyone’s pot. Going to be a good thanksgiving this year win or lose red cause I’m getting all this stuff by voting for ya.

In a couple of weeks after the big duke out we will know the results….Hang on