Free RV Sites and Camping near Whistler BC

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Are you looking to head out to Whistler Mountain in BC this ski season to do a little skiing? Have you checked out the local hotels and found out that the prices are a little bit out of your reach. There are a lot of ways to go skiing at Whistler and cut your costs with free RV sites and camping near Whistler BC. Don’t forget that this is a wilderness area and just a short ride to the mountain you just might find a free overnight spot.

Yes I remember my youthful years growing up in Vancouver. My friends and me used to ski the local mountains quite a bit and take the odd trip to Whistler and Blackcomb mountain. Back in those days we just camped out in my van overnight in the parking lots around the ski hills. Waking up in the morning and finding yourself frozen along with your van was no fun but hey it was free. Except for taking the truck to the local gas station and getting it thawed out.

So what about these days? Is it possible to drive to Whistler in your RV and camp out free or at least ten times cheaper than the local hotels? Let’s take a look.

Winter RVing in Whistler BC

You have to remember that traveling to Blackcomb mountain in the winter can be extremely hazardous road conditions. Storms can arise quite quickly out of nowhere creating very slippery conditions for your RV. Make sure you are driving a 4×4 vehicle. A regular old RV could get you in a lot of trouble. If you are just planning to hang out the whole winter in Whistler it just might be a great deal. Arrive before the weather and ski all winter and leave in the Spring when the roads are safe.


Winter RVing at Whistler RV Park and Campground

Winter RVing is a bit different from summer RVing but still gives you a great experience of all that Whistler has to offer at a low cost and just far enough away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy being out in nature and seeing all the stars at night.

If you are planing on winter RVing please check the weather and call ahead of time as we have a 10% grade hill to get up to the campground. We plow this regularly but during snow storms this can be difficult. This applies to leaving in a snow storm as well: please check with the office before leaving.

We require that all guest have winter tires, and 4×4 vehicles if towing. Please ensure that your ABS and trailer brakes are fully working. Chains are smart to have with you if you are not a confident driver in winter conditions.

ROAD CONDITIONS: Whistler Road conditions can be found at this link. The Brew Creek North View is the RV Parks exit.

Our sites are plowed regularly but be prepared and bring a shovel! It is common to wake up to 2 feet of snow outside your door step. This being said, our picnic tables are not dug out and are normally off to the side. Septic hook ups are also not dug out and become barred as well, but are marked with green posts. we have designated dump stations around the park for easy dumping without shoveling!!!

If you choose to use our washroom facilities it would be good to request to be close to them because in the winter only the washrooms located by sites 227 to 235 are open. These are located in our non-service site section, which is closed all winter, so it can be a short walk away from your sites. This also applies to the dish washing station, it is closed for winters as it is outside as well.

Our sites have water and power all year round! The posts are heated so the water doesn’t freeze! Sometimes the faucet can get a small build up of Ice but a quick hair dryer on it will get it flowing!

The RV park is very Snowmobile friendly with easy access to Brandywine Mountain snowmobile zone right from the back of the park! Trail passes required and for sale at the office.

We now offer a discount if you book for 30 days straight! $1050 for 30 days!! OR we have our weekend warrior rate of $750 for 30 days where you can store your trailer here plugged in and use it on weekends!

Call or email for more information

All bookings at Christmas and New years from December 22 to January 2nd require a 5 night minimum stay.

If you have any other questions regarding winter RVing please give us a call or email and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist.

Cal-Cheak (Whistler) Free Winter Parking

Now for you die hard skiers that don’t have a lot of money you can head to the Cal-Cheak area a few kilometers before the famous hill and camp free. You won’t find a lot of amenities but there are some toilets and you can always melt some snow or get some river water. Nothing like splashing your face with a little glacier fed river water to get the old blood pumping. There are ton’s of free spots just to pull over and camp but it might be a good idea to have a 4×4. After all you don’t want to be calling any tow trucks in whistler, that could blow your budget all to you know where.

Good off road vehicles with a few supplies is all you need for a free stay in a world class resort. Get up early and head the short drive to the mountain and hit the hills. Sometimes you can get deals on passes for both mountains so ask about these when you get your day pass. Of course this depends on how long your going to rough it and how much money you got.

When I was young the fees for the two mountains were pretty cheap compared to today. Make sure you bring your credit card to the resort because your going to need a lot of money even if you are camping for free.

Opinion from Zoomer

Skiing at Whistler mountain does not have to be just for the rich. Poor folks can also hit the hills for just a few hundred bucks. Don’t want to pay a ton for ski equipment. Rent what you need for the day and give it back when you leave. All the ski equipment you rent at the mountain resort is top notch. Unless your a pro skier with thousands of dollars in high end gear renting can be for you.

Grab some water, a little food, dress warm and head to the sea to sky highway. Life is short go have some fun.