Silver just could be the metal of the future

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Source: Silver just could be the metal of the future

Right now as of this writing the price of silver has dropped dramatically. At one point in the year it was touching on 30 dollars an ounce! Today as of last check the shiny metal was touching on around 21 dollars an ounce. Wow is all I gotta say. That is a decrease in value over the year of 30%! That is one heck of a drop folks. So what is going on. Supplies of silver are dwindling and the mines aren’t producing enough to meet demand. What is going on shouldn’t silver be rising in value?

Well a lot has to do with the might dollar. When the dollar rises the precious metals usually fall. Just an old matter of economics and financial play. Investors dump the gold and buy the buck. So this is why the silver price is going down but don’t worry, it won’t be for long.

Silver is becoming more and more in demand as the people around the world are demanding change. Weather everywhere is out of control due to climate change and there will be riots on the streets in governments don’t act. By the way they are going to have to act fast. This weather thing is destroying the planet!

Silver is going to Explode in Value

Like I said before as of this writing the silver price is lagging, falling even. With demand for the metal about to explode because of it’s need by electric products the price will rise! It is only a matter of time. Right now could be a great time for savvy stackers to back up the truck and load up on the physical coins.

With the dawn of a new age and the ending of the carbon pollution coming quickly to an end silver is going to be one of the worlds most sought after metals. Prices will become a simple question of is there enough of it? As of this writing the answer is definitely no. There is simply not enough silver in the mines of the world to meet the demand. Bringing new silver mines into production takes years. Much like the chip supply shortage which is causing used cars to sure in value silver will also surge in the months and years ahead. How high the price will go is anybody’s guess as the trillions in floating investment dollars will go looking for a home.

Home Business selling Silver Coins

I would like to invite all the readers of zoomers news to come along and join me selling the finest legal tender silver coins from around the world.

This is a great company out of the good old US but being a Canadian I can tell you that this business works great here too. Everyone is hearing about the new silver boom that is coming. Now is your chance to become a dealer. There is of course a monthly fee around 10 dollars for this home business. After all you get an online store, webpage, marketing tools galore and earn great commissions. You make money off your sales and your associates sales who sign up under you.

Another great feature is you can earn free silver along with other perks. Last year before the cruise ship industry imploded they had a cruise for Quicksilver members. How cool is that! I can only talk about my own experience with this home business and I can tell you that so far it has been a wonderful way to build wealth. It takes awhile of course to build your sales but once you start growing the commissions will come.

As of today I have 123 total sales team and 17 preferred customers! And growing all the time I might add. Many members take the monthly auto ship option to gain wealth monthly. When you go this route it doesn’t take long before you start building yourself a nice stack of pure silver coins. And now you can even sell gold coins, how cool is that. Bigger commissions can be made. Everyone loves gold.

Stack Silver while the prices are low

As far as an investment goes silver is one of the lowest priced commodities on the planet, if not the lowest. Compared to the price of gold it is the lowest it has been in centuries. Buy low and sell high is how one makes money in this crazy world. I am certainly not any kind of investment guru for sure. Just a good old Canadian country boy who knows how inflation has destroyed Canada. Most good old boys can’t even buy a condo anymore never mind a house. Yes inflation is rampant and it ain’t going away.

If you think that gold and silver are going to drop in value in an inflationary environment we just have to look back at the seventies. Prices of precious metals soared and we are entering that same kind of financial storm now. Everything in Canada is going up in price. Printing money has become the only solution preventing a total collapse of society as we know it. Walking down the street in my small town I see homeless people everywhere. Things are going to get a lot, lot worse.

Just the cost of a rundown small apartment in my little town runs 1700 a month. That is not pets, no smoking, no noise after 10, no nothing or your out and there is a line up to get in after you at even higher rent. How the heck can you not call this an inflationary collapse. Believe me it is going to get worse so you must prepare. Start your own home business selling silver coins. Collect coins every month to counter the coming inflation.



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