High Cyclone like Winds Destroying Containers off the BC Coast

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There is trouble brewing off the BC coastal waters. B.C.’s South Coast is in the midst of a very rare event with two “bomb cyclones” hitting the region in just 4 days. A low-pressure system, which intensifies by rapidly dropping more than 24 millibars in pressure in less than 24 hours is raking havoc among the 100s of container ships parked at sea. More devastating winds are on the way and could prove fatal for many of these ships..

bomb cyclone refers to a low-pressure system, which intensifies by rapidly dropping more than 24 millibars in pressure in less than 24 hours, Global BC meteorologist Kristi Gordon said.

Forty containers have gone overboard after a ship hit high seas off Vancouver Island Thursday. The MV Zim Kingston heeled 35 degrees in heavy swells west of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, off Cape Flattery, the United States Coast Guard said in an online statement.

Containers Floating along the BC Coast

More bad weather is coming and there are hundreds of over loaded container ships about to get walloped by these high winds. The worst thing about this whole event is no one knows what is inside of these massive containers. Are they loaded with toxic materials? This is the question of the day. Are they going to contaminate the fragile ecological systems? There are many fears that this could be the case.

Where these huge containers are going to end up know one can tell. Oceanographer’s are trying to figure out where they might land by following the currents. They just might sink into the Ocean like giant ice bergs and cause damage to other vessels who smash into them. Dangers are rampant and could cause chaos in the shipping lanes. Imagine if other cargo ships ram into one of these massive container flows!

As far as removing them from the waters once they have submerged it would be a very difficult task to find and tow these obstructions out of harms way.

Inflation will Surge

Already inflation is surging in Canada and a lot of the reason is containers are being backed up in the Port of Vancouver. If more of these containers get washed into the ocean due to high winds and other reasons caused by the carnage inflation with surge more. Stores that are already getting hurt by the backups will feel the crunch. As goods sit in these containers for weeks and weeks on the high seas they are already in peril. As the goods sit in these containers they are being exposed to the various elements and already are being spoiled. Many goods are not designed to spend such a long time in shipping and are succumbing to the elements.

A perfect storm for a massive shortage in store shelves across the country is about to unfold. Many shelves could be in short supply this winter due to the massive container losses about to unfold. Prices are about to rise even higher as these shortages become reality. Protect yourself with Precious Metals before it becomes too expensive even to buy these. Everything you wear and everything you use like computers, TVs, car parts, you name it are on these containers coming from China. Already China is having it’s own problems with rising energy costs and many factories are cutting back.

When I say a perfect storm is brewing for inflation the brew has already been made. With shortages and supply disruptions already here driving prices higher this is not good news. These massive ships are like sitting ducks when it comes to bad weather. They are so overloaded with goods that a sudden turn of bad weather could send many containers to the bottom of the ocean. And bad weather is coming my friends. Prepare.