How to make extra income in Retirement Years

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So now that we have hit the retirement years and are trying to live the golden years a question arises. Did I invest another money to last through my retirement. The answer for most unfortunately is no. Let’s look ahead the next couple of years and try to figure out what lies ahead. First of all the most important question is what is happening with inflation. Now if you are like me you might have a couple of small pensions you are living on. Inflation is here and it looks like it might be with us for years. How to make extra income in Retirement Years is something you need to know to preserve your wealth.

At the time of this writing the last day of 2021 there is still a ton of cheap money sloshing around the world. When we enter the new year these policies are about to revert to the mean. Cheap money is about to tighten. At first there will be no repercussions as it takes time to slow down that helicopter drop of cash that happened in 2020 and 2021. Were talking trillions folks in just a couple of years dropped into the pockets of millions. What is going to happen when the feeder becomes empty is anyone’s guess. Most likely buying of stuff will slow. When that happens companies make less money. Less money for companies means only one thing! Stocks will start to slow and maybe even start to fall. It has happened before and it will surely happen again. After all it always does a year or so after they start to tighten the mney supply.

Now the boys at the Fed are going to try and push up rates and slow the money flow to try to fight the inflation. This my friends is going to be a little tough to do. How will someone pay their mortgage when and if their interest rate rises. Inflation will be the only way out of this mess. Once rates get to a certain height and the bond market turns positive meaning the real rates have gone above zero the so called you know what will hit the fan. Real assets like stocks and even house prices will start to crack.

Countries like Canada where I live depend on housing a a big part of their economy. And it is massive. Can you imagine if it starts to unfold. There will be blood on the streets. Of course this means that sometime in late 2023 or early 2024 central banks will throw in the towel and drop rates and bring back the helicopter to stop the fall. Yes it is inevitable! Higher inflation will be back in 2024 big time.

How to Prosper in the coming Crash

There is no way out of the mess that is going to unfold in the next few years. Governments are not going to let deflation happen. For one thing they would not be able to repay their obligations. Being the world currency and off the gold standard means the U.S. can print money into infinity. Scary thought for sure and this is why everyone with money is piling into real estate around the world. Gold and Silver should be flying high but Bitcoin has entered the scene and is sharing the lunch. Does this mean that Gold and Silver won’t have it’s day?

Millenniums have a lot of buying power and they love their Crypto among other technical related assets. Baby Boomers on the other hand still like their real estate, their old cars their stocks and yes they like their gold. Once the rising rates coming over the next couple of years start to crack their investments rates will drop like a rock. Who is running this world anyways. It is not the younger generation it is still the Boomers. They have all the money. Look at Biden he sure isn’t no millennial. Where do you think all these boomers with all there cash are going to run to when the next rate cuts come? It will be Gold and Silver. All this is going to unfold in the year 2024.

The last time Gold exploded because of inflation was in the 1970’s and boy did it make a lot of people rich. I wasn’t one of them but I remember buying an ounce at the bank back in the years when it was taken off the gold standard and it was cheap. Gold goes in cycles especially when too much money is being printed. Did you know more money has been printed in the last couple of years than in all of history combined. One scary thought and if you don’t think inflation is coming right after the brief deflation scare were going to have then think again. As sure as the next storm will come along another massive dropping from the money helicopter will happen to keep the economy going.

How to make extra income in Retirement Years

All this means only one thing. Your pension’s are going to be buying less in the future so you need to make extra income. That is of course unless your rolling in dough and you just don’t care. With coming inflation one of the best home businesses you could get into would be precious metals. I mean it is a win win all the way around. When the next big boom comes in a couple of years you will be in the drivers seat. After all starting a great home business is always about getting it going before everyone else jumps on the band wagon.

One of the best and cheapest to run home businesses in the precious metals is QuickSilver. This is a low cost home business that only costs around ten dollars a month to own. And the commissions are only going to sky rocket once the coming inflation storm hit’s in a couple of years. In the meantime you can be building this home business into a great little extra income. If you have access to the internet that’s all you need to get going. Also this home business comes with all kinds of marketing tools. Get cards to hand out and posters to stick up. Advertise yourself to get customers. A lot of people are more interested in the crypto space but once this get’s regulated and inflation runs rampant they will be looking at an alternative. All through history for thousands of years gold and silver has been king.

If you think government’s of the world with monetary might are going to let Bitcoin roll in and take over you are wrong my friends. Governments are already talking about taxing your Crypto purchases and transactions and they will do it. Don’t you think they want a cut of the pie? Of course. When this happens people will pile into Gold and Silver Coins and Bars to protect their cash against inflation.