OPP say empty beer cans found Charge Driver

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Well it looks like it is that time of year again. OPP say empty beer cans found Charge Driver. Front page news in Ontario today is about a driver being pulled over for driving erratically. Once an inspection was taken of the car numerous empty cans of beer were found. This particular beer is very high octane and so a breath test for impaired was given. Of course the driver was hammered so they hauled his ass off to jail. OPP say empty beer cans found Charge Driver

The Ontario State Police are cracking down. Christmas season is here and they are starting early to get those damn drunks off the road before they kill them selves and other poor innocents along with them. Drunken drivers seem to come out of the wood work at this time of year and accidents along with them.

OPP taking Drunks off the Road

Police said Mississauga OPP officers stopped a white Nissan van travelling southbound on Highway 410 toward the eastbound Highway 401 at around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Officers said the driver had alcoholic beverage cans, labelled as Crest Super. A premium lager, throughout the interior.

In addition, the driver also failed the roadside test.

Police could not confirm if the driver had consumed the specific beers found inside of the Nissan but did confirm the driver had alcohol in his system. The evidence was pretty convincing that the man was drinking while driving. This particular brand of beer has a very high alcohol content. Four or five of these could easily put one over the limit.

He was charged with impaired driving for having a blood alcohol content of more than 80 milligrams. The driver had his license suspended for 90 days and the vehicle was impounded for seven days.

Drinking And Driving

In Canada we like to drink beer as is the case in many countries around the world. Drinking and Driving is definitely against the law and the cops are cracking down hard this Christmas season all over the country. December has just begun and already the bars are full and people are drinking and driving. It’s the season of work parties and nights at the pub. Is it really worth having your license suspended for 90 days and your car being hauled off to the local yard.

Don’t forget besides that hefty fine and a bad record the towing charges will really dent your budget. We all think it will never happen to us and God forbid you get in an accident while driving impaired. It just could ruin your life along with that of all those involved. This holiday season let’s think twice before getting behind that wheel after a few beers. A twenty buck taxi just might be the cheapest route and their is always the Uber and Lyft guys who will get you home safe.

Have a great safe holiday month