American Economy about to Crash

Trump get's Trumped
American Economy about to Crash

Is the American economy about to crash. Trump want’s to lower taxes for corporate America and he also want’s to cut taxes for the people. The American people that are paying to much money to the government. This is all fine and dandy but there is a problem. Interest rates are edging up.

This is why I believe the American economy is about to crash! A couple of reasons and I will tell you one of the big ones. American debt is set to explode even higher. Trump has a plan and that is to spend billions of bucks on infrastructure programs. Rebuilding the falling down bridges and the pot hole highways all over the good old us of a.

aye….this is a bold plan but I can’t quite figure out how he is going to do that when the states has more debt owing than anytime in their crazy capitalist history. They owe zillions and soon could be quadzillions to every known sucker from all over the planet who are willing to buy their bonds.

Who is going to buy these bonds if interest rates are sneaking up. How do you pay your debts of if bond rates are rising. It’s much like the mortgage on your dilapidated, overpriced house. If you owe money on your mortgage or have debt and the interest rate goes up, you owe more money. The same thing is true of the good old US of Ayes debt.

So how can they pay this debt off if they are going to lower taxes to increase growth and at the same time raise rates. Where is all this money going to come from. The only way they are going to be able to pay this debt off is to go back to the printing press and start showering dollar bills down on the people.

It’s great for now because the American buck is flying higher than all others and the average joe can buy a beer to drown his woes after work from the crummy wages he is making for a good price. What is going to happen when interest rates rise even a little. This means housing costs will rise. This means your credit card debt which you probably have a lot of will rise. This means your Bay card debt, and you know you gotta card, come on now confess will also rise.

Your wages are rising which is ok, they went from 10 bucks an hour to 10.25, whoopee I am rich. This is all good and well but that quarter you just made is going to go to the high cost of that rent you just got hit with and that letter from the bank telling me your mortgage payments are going up. Ouch!!!!

Ok that is fine I will get another job or just head to the bank and turn on the mortgage atm. This is all fine and well but what does it do. It makes more debt. This is what is happening right now in congress folks. They are all sitting around figuring out how they are going to kick start the economy by raising the debt sealing, paying down debt and borrowing zillions all why lowering your taxes…

You are in big trouble brothers and sisters from the south because this is not your only problem. Trump wants to send all the Mexicans who work on the farms back to Mexico. The ones that are going to stay he want’s them to make more money and pay more taxes. You know what that means, higher food cost’s because an average American worker is not going to go out to the farm and work from dawn till dusk shoveling cow dung for pennies. Whoops I meant knickels, oops I meant quarters an hour.

Mexicans will do this work and that is why your corn is so cheap. So who’s going to make up the difference, well I quess Trump is going to give all the farmers down there cash. Where is he going to get all this cash when he is lowering your taxes America.

Who do you think he is kidding. Political pioneers and tax savvy republicans and democrats know where this mountain of debt is all going and they want to raise taxes not lower them to pay this debt off. The only other pay to pay it is to float and then rain zillions of Trump bucks, it used to be Greenspan bucks down on the people. I think it was Greenspan. This is why I think the American Economy is about to Crash.

They think inflation is flattening out. This means that interest rates are about to stop rising. This means that when they flatten and they will flatten soon that the ammo in the gun is only buckshot not the good old lead balls that the boys need to stop the army of debt collectors that are about to invade your shores.

That good old song, they ran down the river and grabbed another gator and shot another round is about to come true. They will need gators to fight off this army because their gun is no longer a potent weapon to fight off the foe.

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Brent Walker
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Zoomers News

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