A secret Washington report has revealed that Big Foot might be involved in the disappearance of 100s of campers over the years. So are Big Foot creatures mating with lost campers. It just might be true that the illusive creature is kidnapping and breeding with lost hikers and campers. PeopleContinue Reading

coronovirus war

The best know defense in the battle of Covia-19 is to power up your immune systems starting now. CTFO has the best immune fighting products in the US and Canada. CoronoVirus victory with CBD immunity power. Yes immunity power is the way to win the war against this incurable disease.Continue Reading

Bank fights Covia-19

So it looks like this new CoronoVirus pandemic is hitting the zoomer generation hard. Baby Boomers CoronoVirus panic spreads and casualty rates surge among the elderly. Yikes, not only are the boomers taking the brunt of the one two punch health wise their stocks are tanking also. Like the oldContinue Reading

coronvirus BC

Well it looks like the Baby Boomers are in trouble. First of all there stock portfolios are getting wiped out. Second is this new virus kills the elderly in high numbers. So will the coronovirus to drive gold price higher. According to Credit Suisse it sure seems likely. Is thisContinue Reading