Baby Boomers Are taking over

August 2016 - 08

Canadian seniors now outnumber children

for 1st time, 2016 census shows

Share of seniors in Canada’s population

sees biggest increase since Confederation


The ration of single  gals to guys is going to explode. That’s right guys, you did too much partying and your health isn’t keeping up to the gals. This is going to be good news for all you guys that did stay healthy. Sign up to your local senior center and the gals will be chasing you. Another bit of a shocker is Baby Boomers Are taking over and now outnumber the kids.

For the first time, seniors outnumber children in Canada, as the population experienced its greatest increase in the proportion of older people since Confederation, according to the latest census data.

Statistics Canada’s 2016 census figures released Wednesday include demographic data related to age, gender and where Canadians live.

There are now 5.9 million Canadian seniors, compared to 5.8 million Canadians 14 and under.

This is due to the historic increase in the number of people over 65 — a jump of 20 per cent since 2011 and a significantly greater increase than the five per cent growth experienced by the population as a whole.

Baby Boomers Are taking over

The increase in the share of the oldest Canadians was even bigger — up 19.4 per cent for those over 85 and up 41.3 per cent among those over 100.

The result is the median age of the Canadian population in 2016 increased to 41.2 years, six months older than the median age just five years ago. (Median age is the point that separates an equal number of Canadians who are older and younger.)

The aging of the population is due to the first baby boomers turning 65 over the last five years, as well as the increasing life expectancy of Canadians and a low fertility rate.Baby Boomers are taking over Canada and soon there is going to be a ton of those old experienced gals on the loose. It looks like the streets are going to be clogged soon with the old guys out on the hunt with their walkers looking for adventure. Guess what guys there is going to be a flood of single mature and probably rich older gals that you are going to be able to have a little fun with.

Projections suggest the imbalance in the population will only grow.

By 2031, about 23 per cent of Canadians could be seniors, similar to Japan, the world’s oldest country.

By 2061, there could be 12 million seniors to just eight million children in Canada.

2106 Census: More seniors than children

“As people get older, they need more health care, more home care, and that puts increasing demands on government spending,” says Dr. Frances Woolley, economics professor at Carleton University in Ottawa. “There are big challenges for the government coming on the fiscal side.”

Baby Boomers Are taking over

But Canada is still younger than most of its G7 counterparts. Only the United States has a younger population among the world’s biggest industrialized economies.

Nevertheless, the share of Canadians in the labour market (between ages 15 and 64) has decreased since 2011 to 66.5 per cent from 68.5 per cent.

The growth in the number of working Canadians was the lowest since 1851, making its share of the population the smallest in 40 years.

Baby Boomers Are taking over

In 1966, there were twice as many people entering the labor market as there were heading for retirement. Today, however, there are just 4.3 million Canadians between ages 15 and 24, compared to 4.9 million Canadians 55 to 64.


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