BC get’s an NDP leader

BC get's an NDP leader
BC get's an NDP leader

Oh my fucking God…the NDP is back in in B.C.

Welfare will finally pay me enough to buy some food. Thank fucking God

those capitalists are gone. Maybe I will be able to afford to get a nice basement

suite room somewhere when I get that 100 dollar a month raise on my disability


BC get’s an NDP leader

BC get's an NDP leader

Life will be good. I might be able to move out of that rat infested apartment that

I was going to get kicked out of  any way due to the fact the place is unfit to live.

With my 500 bucks a month welfare check I might be able to get a room in that

one bedroom 800,000 thousand condo down the street…Good luck…

BC get’s an NDP leader

Where is all the housing for people to live in. Why should people in a country like

Canada have to live out on the fucking streets. Why are my 25 year Son’s ready to

give up on Society as we know and as they say it….Fuck the System we have….


Maybe the N D P will start raise up the minimum wages to a living wage. UH OH…Inflation.

What is a Province like BC going to do if wages and inflation and housing start to rise even more.

Are we headed for hyper-inflation here. It’s already here if your collecting welfare my friend.

BC get’s an NDP leader

There are people that say that everyone should be working! Welfare should not be a permanent

income only a temporary relief while you get back on your feet. Maybe that is true. Welfare should be just a temporary relief between jobs if you are a young healthy person. If you have medical or mental problems then you should be on disability.

If you are a senior who happened to have a little bad luck in life and are living on a 500 and something oas check then your really fucked. You can probably get the gis which will boost your income up to around 1200 a month which isn’t too bad. You can get a room somewhere and survive on peanut butter.

When the cost of living is so high in BC I think the NDP and our French buddy back east should be now thinking of helping out the seniors. They should be building affordable housing for long time residents of BC and the rest of Canada for that matter.

As more and more Seniors retire there will be more and more jobs for younger people. With lesser and lesser younger people in Canada there will be higher wages to attract the best workers to companies that are already world leaders.

Have you walked into your local bank lately and checked out the tellers. They are all kids. I don’t know how much the banks are paying them but don’t you think that companies who are making billions and billions of dollars in profits could pay there employees a decent wage.

It is pretty hard to pay seniors more money because taxes would have to be raised and that is not good for anybody.

So what is the solution.

The solution is easy mr Horgan and mr Trudeau and that is to start making the filthy rich people that live and work and abuse the Canadian people with cheap wages and shitty conditions to start paying for the elderly. If you want to exploit the resources and you are from the States, China or any other rich country coming here to reap the riches then you should be paying a seniors tax.

A tax to build housing, raise income and help them with their medical needs. Drug companies in Canada are reaping in trillions of dollars on drugs. It is time for them to pay and put back. If these Companies can afford to pay millions of dollars a year to their ceo’s then they can start coughing up a little with a senior tax.

The economy will get a huge boost if seniors have more money to spend. They don’t work so what will they do with more money. They will go out and spend it. It will help the companies that are giving it to them because the seniors will be out buying more of their stuff.


I hope the new NDP government of BC is not going to start leaning too far to the right because the last thing anyone needs is a welfare state. Instead they should concentrate on the Baby Boomers. Building more affordable housing for them. Giving them a decent pension to live on. Giving them health care and dental that if either free or affordable. It is time to start taking care of the father’s and mother’s of this country’s kids and make sure the poor that are over 65 live a decent life.


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