NDP Government of BC Rental Housing Ghettos.

The NDP party just announced the new NDP Government of BC Rental Housing Ghettos. Thousands of rental housing will be built for the people all on land designated just for rentals. No home ownership here. Only rental units will be allowed on this new ghetto land and ghettos they will be! Why will they turn into ghettos do you think?

When is the last time you drove by a social housing complex in greater Vancouver area? Next time you do, take a closer look and what do you see? It is not a pretty site. Garbage lies everywhere and the buildings are in dire straights. Landscaping is run down and broken down auto’s are everywhere.


BC Rental NDP Government of BC Rental Housing Ghettos.
BC Rental NDP Government of BC Rental Housing Ghettos.


NDP Government of BC Rental Housing Ghettos


We all need housing and a place to live. It is a God given right isn’t it. After all we are the only animal on the planet who has to pay for the right to have a home. Makes one wonder doesn’t it. Let’s sit back awhile and take a look at our homeless population. They are made up of a large portion of mentally challenged individuals with anti social behavior. So exactly what is anti social behavior anyways.

The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 defines anti-social behavior. Acting in a manner that has caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household.  Alarm bells start to ring when these type of people are all crammed into the same tiny rental unit complexes. The end results after living together for a number of years could be quite challenging.


Low cost Family Rental Units


Married and Common Law partners will be lining up at the gate to get into these units. What does this mean? Hundreds if not thousands of poverty kids will be jammed into tight living quarters together. All in these kids will have one thing in common, and that thing is poverty. There is a stigma on kids at school who come from poor families. Don’t believe it, just look at the states and what their ghetto plan did. There plan was to build cheap rental housing for the masses.


BC Rental
Federal housing policies created after the Depression ensured that African-Americans and other people of color were left out of the new suburban communities — and pushed instead into urban housing projects, such as Detroit’s Brewster-Douglass towers.

Ghetto housing units when first introduced. In 1933, faced with a housing shortage, the federal government began a program explicitly designed to increase  and segregate America’s housing stock. Author Richard Rothstein says the housing programs begun under the New Deal were tantamount to a  state-sponsored system of segregation.



NDP Government of BC Rental Housing Ghettos


In BC there is a very wide diversification of races from around the world and home grown. These people tend to get along fairly well but they do like to live in their own communities. In the States you had basically two large separate race classes. The government’s efforts were primarily designed to provide housing to white, middle-class, lower-middle-class families.  African-Americans and other people of color were left out of the new suburban communities and pushed instead into urban housing projects.

Rothstein’s new book, The Color of Law, examines the local, state and federal housing policies that mandated segregation. He notes that the Federal Housing Administration, which was established in 1934, furthered the segregation efforts by refusing to insure mortgages in and near African-American neighborhoods.  In effect this housing policy actually created a fire under segregation which is still quite active in America today.


What about BC Rental


Social housing for BC residents will be throwing together different ethnic groups. This is going to cause friction. Think not. Let’s take a look at Europe racial tensions and their Muslim ghettos.  Muslim ghettos in Paris and Brussels are incubators of Islamic extremism where police fear to tread. Crime and unemployment are rampant and radical imams aggressively recruit young men to wage jihad against the West.


Are these new BC  Rental Housing units going to create segregation and crime hot spots? Just maybe. When youth and groups that are radical congregate in groups trouble is not far away. One of the reasons any poverty group becomes rebellious is a common foe. What might that foe be? In BC we have one of the highest costs of living on the planet. Not a good place to be poor.

BC Rental Housing
BC Rental Housing


BC Rental Housing


The cost of housing in BC is out of control and rising every day. Lack of supply, land to build and foreign ownership are all to blame. Desirability and no lack of work drive people to Canadian city’s from around the world. Vancouver just happens to be one of the top choices. Canada’s loose immigration laws are bringing in new residents by the hundreds if not thousands. A very large majority of these new immigrants are going to be renting. BC Rental housing will be their first choice.


NDP Government of BC Rental Housing Ghettos.
NDP Government of BC Rental Housing Ghettos.

This new BC Rental housing plan will create thousands of jobs and drive us into an unknown zone for low cost workers. As prices for housing climb higher and higher thousands of low cost workers will be lining up at the doors to rent these housing units.


It’s hard to say how the government is going to pull this off. Building cost’s in BC are sky rocketing and even as we speak projects in Ontario are hitting the brakes due to the high cost of construction cost’s, land and everything else affiliated with constructing a building. Once all this social housing is actually built who is going to pay for it. How can a low cost worker or new immigrant afford thousands of dollars a month in rent.



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